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California Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

Below is a list of all the California Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses Herman & Wallace is currently offering. Herman & Wallace provides continuing education courses for medical professionals seeking to improve their practice skills for the treatment of pelvic floor and pelvic girdle dysfunction.

Manual Therapy for the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex

Oct. 17-18, 2015
Napa, CA
Experience Level: Intermediate
Queen of the Valley Medical Center

This two-day education course is dedicated to the application mobilization with movement to conditions and diagnoses presenting in the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip areas of the body. The course has been designed specifically for Herman & Wallace health care professionals licensed to perform joint mobilizations who wish to broaden their existing manual therapy skills for use within their defined scope of practice.

Sexual Medicine for Men and Women - SEXMED

Nov. 13-15, 2015
San Diego, CA
Experience Level: Beginner

This continuing education course offers the therapist an opportunity to increase comfort levels in patient interviews, clinical examinations, and interventions towards sexual health and function.

Pelvic Floor Level 2A - PF2A

Dec. 11-13, 2015
La Jolla, CA
Experience Level: Intermediate
Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

This continuing education course is a three-day intermediate-level seminar designed as a next step in completing the clinicians’ ability to more comprehensively evaluate and treat the female and male pelvic floor. The participant will have the opportunity to learn about two common bowel dysfunctions, fecal incontinence and constipation, and how the pelvic rehabilitation provider can play a crucial role in overcoming these issues that affect quality of life so dramatically.

The Institute offers numerous continuing education courses taught throughout the year in multiple locations across the country. Contact hours from each course apply towards CEU requirements and vary according to state. For more information Contact Us!

California Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses