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Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvic Ring Evaluation & Treatment - SIJ

Audience: This continuing education seminar is targeted to physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist assistants, registered nurses, nurse midwives, and other rehabilitation professionals. Content is not intended for use outside the scope of the learner's license or regulation. Physical therapy continuing education courses should not be taken by individuals who are not licensed or otherwise regulated, except, as they are involved in a specific plan of care.
Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Required Readings None

Contact Hours: 15 (CEUs vary by state)
Price: $475 (Early registrant price of $450 for registrations received one month before course start date)
Lab Attire: Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes


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This two-day course will present a reference- based, clinically applicable approach to the evaluation and treatment of the sacroiliac joint and pelvic ring.
The course will cover the direct and indirect anatomy that influences the sacroiliac joint, and provide a means of deducing the source of pain and dysfunction. Direct treatment of symptoms and techniques for symptom amelioration will be presented.


During lecture and laboratory sessions, participants will have the opportunity to practice two different SIJ tests; movement impairment vs. symptom reproduction. The participants will also analyze which spinal joints may be referring pain, and assess the role that sacral discs play in initiating and perpetuating pain. The information presented is immediately applicable to the clinicians’ patient population and the techniques presented will be able to be incorporated seamlessly into the participant’s clinical practice.


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Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:  
1. Identify the unique characteristics of the sacroiliac joints
2. Describe the role of aging on the various epiphyseal joints of the innominate bones
3. Perform movement impairment and pain provocation maneuvers for the SIJ and pelvic ring
4. Perform clinical testing procedures used to rule in/out the SIJ and pelvic ring in a patient’s pain
5. Perform joint specific mobilization techniques to address pain or dysfunctions
6. Instruct patients on a series of SIJ- specific stabilization exercises


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Day One:
8:00 Introduction/Course Objectives
8:15 Anatomy
9:30 Lab: Palpation of anterior pelvis
10:30 Lab: Palpation of posterior pelvis and SIJ
12:30 Injury and dysfunction of the SIJ and pelvisL
1:30 Evaluation of SIJ - Lecture
2:30 Lab: Evaluation of SIJ
4:00 Treatment lecture: concepts
5:00 Adjourn

Day Two:
8:00 Treatment musculotendons
9:30Treatment Pelvic and SIJ ligaments
10:30 Treatment Joint Mobilizations
12:00 Lunch

1:00 Treatment: Stabilization of SIJ
2:30 Lab: Treatment - Stabilization of SIJ  
4:00 Final questions/case studies
4:30 Adjourn


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A wonderful course! I feel much better equipped to deferentially diagnose and treat SI Joint dysfunction.
-Taisa Skovorodko DPT - Santa Barbara, CA

Peter is brilliant, funny, devoted, and very professional!
-Jon Stange - Santa Monica, CA

Instructor was very knowledgable in all aspects of the program. Great communication of ideas/concepts - easy to understand, patient. Best CEU class I've ever taken since becoming a PTS (8 years).

- Tracy Casey, PTA - Akron, OH

[The] speaker [was] beyond an expert. Super excellent knowledge base and impecable ability to explain clearly.
- Anonymous

I would love to attend any course that Peter would teach! This class is wonderful and really opened my eyes to how much it could be lumbar vs. SIJ.
-Jennifer K. Dustin, MS, PT, DPT - Chesapeake, VA

Instructors and Assistants very knowledgable in this area. Kept my interest for the entire weekend. Very mindful of modesty.
-Kyle W. Geese, PT - Cambridge, OH

Wouldn't Change a thing!
-Ann Feehan, PT - Arlington Heights, IL

The course was great! Very informative and can be used for all PT populations.
-Kylie Fulton, PT, DPT - Pheonix, AZ



Sacroiliac Joint Evaluation & Treatment - SIJ
Jul 20, 2014 - Jul 21, 2014
Location: Sinai Hospital
$ 450.00