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Our curriculum development team has put a great deal of thought into how to maximize our in-person time and also deliver digestible content that can be offered remotely. We are keeping the total number of contact hours and the total amount of lab time consistent; neither of these values will change when shifting from the old format to the new format. Below is the published schedule for the new format of Pelvic Floor Level 1. Once the new schedule for Pelvic Floor 2A, 2B, and Capstone are finalized, we will publish those as well. 


New Format for Pelvic Floor Level 1

The following didactic lectures will be offered in the Remote Part 1:

1. Pelvic Floor (PF) Anatomy Introduction 

2. Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Exam Introduction 

3. Managing Movement Part 1: Pressure Systems, Breathing & Load Transfer

4. Sexuality and Trauma

5. Urinary Incontinence Examination & Interventions 

6. Introduction to Pelvic Pain

7. General Treatment of Pelvic Pain


The following lectures and labs will be offered during the 2-day in-person component of PF1:

Day 1

PF Anatomy & Function Continued 

Pelvic Floor Evaluation Continued

Lab 1: Pelvic Floor Exam Techniques Part 1: Observation, Identification, Muscle layers, ICS Scoring*

Pelvic Floor Evaluation Part 2

Lab 2: PF Exam Techniques Part 2: PF MMT, Laycock Exam, Pelvic Clock, Obturator Internus*

Electrical Stimulation (ES), sEMG Biofeedback Lecture

Lab 4: sEMG Biofeedback & Electrical Stimulation Applications*

Urinary Incontinence Examination & Interventions 

Lab 5: Bladder Diary Activities


Day 2

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Lab 6: Pelvic Floor Examination and Prolapse Exam, External Palpation

General Treatment of Female Pelvic Pain

Specific Diagnoses in Female Pelvic Pain

Managing Movement Part II: Pressures & Load Transfer

Lab 7: Final Pelvic Rehabilitation Examination, Evaluation, & Treatment