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Pelvic Floor Capstone Satellite Lab Course - Wichita, KS - December 4-5, 2021

Central Time - Day 1: 10:00am - 7:00pm / Day 2: 10:00am - 6:45pm

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Price: $775 ($795 within one month of the course)
Experience Level: Advanced
Contact Hours: 26

The Pelvic Floor Capstone is an advanced course with the prerequisite of having attended Pelvic Floor Level 1, 2A, and 2B.


This 26 hour (12.17 hours of online lecture plus 2 days of in-person learning), this advanced-level course is intended for the therapist who is experienced in treating the pelvic floor patient, has a strong understanding of pelvic anatomy including muscles and nerves, and strong pelvic floor palpation skills. Lab work instructed will cover manual therapy treatments addressing fascia and nerves.

This is a satellite offering of our course, Pelvic Floor Capstone. A satellite means that participants will be gathering in a given location and watching the instructor present remotely on the same screen. During labs, participants will pair up and be guided by the on-site lab assistants at the satellite course location.

This course is designed to build on the skills learned in Pelvic Floor Levels 1, 2A, and 2B and covers advanced topics in women’s health including endometriosis, infertility, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Day one lecture includes discussions on the endocrine system and an advanced discussion on pelvic anatomy, focusing on connective tissues (organ ligamentous support and the endopelvic fascia). Day two lecture and lab topics include surgery complications and gynecological cancers, as well as the role of pharmacology and nutrition in pelvic health/pelvic pain. Labs include hands-on manual therapy techniques to address complications from surgery or oncology treatments. On day three, participants will have the opportunity to discuss case studies and complex patients with the instructors on the final day of the course.

PLEASE NOTE: the Pelvic Floor series of courses typically fill up about 2-3 months before the scheduled course date. It is highly recommended that participants register well in advance to reserve their seats. If you need your employer to send a check for your registration payment, please click the Request Invoice button on the course event page to reserve your seat.


Special Considerations:

As this continuing education course includes extensive lab work, all attendees should come prepared to participate as both clinician and patient unless medically contraindicated (if unsure please check with your physician prior to attending the course). Internal pelvic floor muscle examinations will be taught in labs. Past participants have found that wearing comfortable clothing that is easy for changing (such as skirts or athletic shorts) is very useful for labs. Due to temperature variations from clinic to clinic, we would recommend wearing comfortable layers.

This is a satellite offering of the Pelvic Floor Capstone Course. A satellite means that participants will be gathering in a given location and watching the instructor present remotely on the same screen. During labs, participants will pair up and be guided by the on-site lab assistants at the satellite course location.

Vaginal examination and internal myofascial manual therapy prior to 32 weeks gestation is not the common standard of medical practice. Participants who are pregnant who wish to participate fully in the entire course including in lab must bring a clearance letter from their physician allowing them to participate in the labs is required. Participants who are pregnant also have the option of bringing their own lab model for examination, or they have the option of working in a group of three during lab times. Read more about What to Expect During Courses with Internal Lab Work.

PLEASE NOTE: This course includes internal assessment and exam techniques, which will be practiced in partnered pairs in lab time. H&W strives to foster an environment that is safe and supportive. Survivors of past trauma should be aware that performing or experiencing internal exams may be triggering, and that many, regardless of their histories, feel strong emotions when practicing these techniques. In order to foster an environment that is non-triggering and safe for all participants, we recommend all participants consider the emotional impact they may experience during the course, and consider consulting a trauma counselor or therapist prior to attending. 



This continuing education seminar is targeted to physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist assistants, registered nurses, nurse midwives, and other rehabilitation professionals. Content is not intended for use outside the scope of the learner's license or regulation. Physical therapy continuing education courses should not be taken by individuals who are not licensed or otherwise regulated, except, as they are involved in a specific plan of care.



This advanced-level course assumes a working knowledge and anatomical understanding of the material presented in Pelvic Floor Levels 1, 2A, and 2B, and it will build from that knowledge. Please take time to review those course manuals before attending.

Recorded video lectures to be viewed in-full prior to the course, sent 7-10 days prior to the course (Total video lecture time: 12.17 hours)

  1. Anatomy and function of abdominopelvic connective tissues – 60 mins
  2. The Endocrine System  part 1-60 mins
  3. The Endocrine System part 2- Sex Hormones and Changes Throughout the life span part 2- 80 mins
  4. Endometriosis part 1: 60 mins
  5. Endometriosis part 2: 45 mins
  6. PCOS & Fibroids: 70 mins
  7. Special topics in Surgery part 1: 50 mins
  8. Special topics in Surgery part 2: 40 mins
  9. Gynecological Oncology Intro: 75 mins
  10. Pharmacologic considerations in pelvic rehab: 80 mins
  11. Nutritional approaches to decrease inflammation: 110 mins

Hourly schedule of live Zoom meetings:

Day One:

0:00 Log on, Registration, roll call, questions from online portion
0:30 Anatomy review and working with connective tissues  
1:00 Lab Activity 1: Working with fascia: abdomen
2:00 Break
2:15 Lab Activity 2: Working with scar tissue
3:00 Working endocrine knowledge into a rehab practice and Case Studies 
3:45 Lunch
4:45 Lab Activity 3: Advanced urological techniques
6:15 Break
6:30 Vulvar skin and connective tissue dysfunctions
7:45 Lab activity 4: External perineal and abdominal post-surgical techniques 
9:00 Adjourn

Day Two:

0:00 Questions from day 1, and online portion
0:30 Common female pelvic surgeries
Lab activity 5: Internal perineal and vaginal post-surgical techniques
Gynecological Oncology part 2: Treatment Procedures
Lab activity 6: Positional release techniques 
Lab activity 7: Oncology considerations & lymphedema
Putting it all together
Wrap up


Notice this schedule starts each day at 0:00. The course does not start at mid-night! This schedule is meant to show the duration of each component of the course, not the actual start-time of each lecture. The actual start time will appear in the title of the satellite course page on our website, showing the local time zone. 

Upon completion of this continuing education seminar, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the connective tissue of the pelvic floor (organ ligamentous supports and fascia-scarpa’s, camper’s, endopelvic fascia)
2. Describe the common vulvar skin and connective tissue dysfunctions
3. List the common female pelvic surgery complications
4. Demonstrate three manual therapy techniques for common female pelvic floor surgery complications
5. List the female gynecologic oncology conditions
6. Demonstrate three manual techniques for common oncology complications
7. Describe the hormonal dysfunction considerations throughout the life cycle
8. Demonstrate perineal release techniques
9. Describe the role of pharmacology and nutrition in pelvic health/ pelvic pain
10. Describe nutritional approaches to decrease inflammation

  Name Street Address (Links to Map)
Course Location

Summit Physical Therapy

223 S Hillside St
Wichita, KS 67211
Recommended Lodging

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Wichita Downtow
(316) 201-1400

525 S Main St
Wichita, KS 67202
Nearest Airport

Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport
Airport Code: ICT

2277 Eisenhower Airport Pkwy
Wichita, KS 67209


Directions from Recommended Lodging to Course Location


Jennafer Vande Vegte, MSPT, BCB-PMD, PRPC

Jennafer Vande Vegte, MSPT, BCB-PMD, PRPC

After graduating from Ithaca College, Jennafer began her career as a physical therapist at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI. Since 2002 Jen has focused her professional attention on treating women, men and children with pelvic health disorders. She is energized through education and enjoys her position as adjunct faculty at Grand Valley University, speaking at community events, organizing a regional pelvic floor mentorship and study group, and didn’t necessarily enjoy but survived part time home schooling her two daughters. She has been faculty for Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute since 2009 and loves to inspire other rehab professionals treating pelvic floor dysfunction. She is an author of the chapter, “Manual Therapy for the Pelvic Floor” which was published in the book, “Healing in Urology.” Jen was a contributing writer for the Pelvic Floor Capstone curriculum and also co-authored the continuing education course, “Boundaries, Self-Care and Meditation” with Nari Clemons. She is certified in pelvic floor rehabilitation and biofeedback for pelvic floor disorders. Outside of teaching and treating patients, Jen loves to spend time with family and friends, run, cook, travel, do yoga and snuggle with her doggo.

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