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Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment (Level 1) - PF1

Audience: This continuing education seminar is targeted to physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist assistants, registered nurses, nurse midwives, and other rehabilitation professionals. Content is not intended for use outside the scope of the learner's license or regulation. Physical therapy continuing education courses should not be taken by individuals who are not licensed or otherwise regulated, except, as they are involved in a specific plan of care.
Level: Beginner
Contact hours: 22.5 (CEUs vary by state)
Price: $695 (Early registrant price of $675 for registrations received one month before course start date)
Required Assignments and Readings


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This continuing education course is a three-day seminar designed to provide a thorough introduction to female pelvic floor function, dysfunction and treatment interventions. It is geared to the physical therapist who wants to synthesize the information and apply it to individual treatment programs for urinary incontinence or the musculoskeletal components of urogynecologic pain syndromes such as chronic pelvic pain (CPP), vulvar pain, and interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome (IC/PBS). This continuing education seminar teaches evaluation and treatment interventions by instructional assessment of the pelvic floor muscles with internal vaginal examination and SEMG biofeedback assessment. The information is immediately applicable to clinical practice.

Presentation of evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques will be emphasized. Outcome measures and quality of life questionnaires will be presented for both urinary incontinence and pain syndromes. Daily lab time allows for supervised instruction of pelvic floor muscle evaluation with external palpation and internal vaginal examination of pelvic floor musculature. For each condition the therapist will learn to: recognize the key signs and symptoms that lead to impairment, functional limitations and disabilities; use an evaluation/outcome tool; and perform a suggested protocol of treatment interventions. Clinical treatment interventions will include therapeutic exercise, SEMG biofeedback, external manual therapy, patient related education/behavioral instructions and electrotherapeutic modalities.


Special Considerations:
As this continuing education course includes extensive lab work, all course attendees should come prepared to participate as both clinician and patient. Vaginal pelvic floor muscle examinations will be taught in labs. Male course attendees may participate fully in the entire course if they bring their own lab model for examination. Pregnant women course attendees may participate fully in the entire course if they bring their own lab model for examination, or if the attendee insists on lab participation then a clearance letter from their physician allowing them to participate in the labs is required. We strongly recommend that pregnant attendees bring a model as vaginal examination and internal myofascial manual therapy prior to 32 weeks gestation is not the common standard of medical practice.

Labs will be conducted under ther supervision of instructors and teaching assistants. There will be a ratio of at least one instructor/assistant for every ten participants.


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Upon completion of this continuing education seminar, participants will be able to:

1. Identify the muscle layers and specific muscles of the pelvic floor
2. List the pelvic floor muscle functions
3. Describe and perform pelvic floor muscle evaluation techniques utilizing observation, vaginal palpation, and SEMG biofeedback
4. List appropriate outcome measure tools for urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain
5. List indications, precautions, contraindications, and universal precautions for pelvic floor examination and treatment
6. Identify specific pelvic pain conditions (vulvodynia, IC and CPP) and common physical therapy interventions 
7. Identify the various types of urinary incontinence and behavioral treatment options available to the physical therapist
8. List two diagnoses that would benefit from applications of electrotherapy
9. Describe the applications of SEMG biofeedback for the pelvic floor
10. Develop evidence-based treatment plans and progressive clinical goals for female pelvic floor dysfunctions


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Day One:
7:30 Registration
8:00 Introductions, Goals, Objectives
8:30 Female Pelvic Floor (PF) Anatomy and Function
10:00 Break
10:15 Pelvic Floor Internal Muscle evaluation: Indications/Contraindications
10:45 Lab: Pelvic Floor Internal Muscle Exam: Observation, Identification, Muscle Layers
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Pelvic Floor Manual Muscle Testing (MMT), Prolapse Exam and Treatment
2:15 Lab: MMT of the Pelvic Floor, Laycock Technique, Prolapse Examinations
3:15 Break
3:30 Evidence Based Pelvic Floor Exercise Prescription with Abdominal Lab
5:00 Test
5:15 Adjourn

Day Two:
8:00 Events of Continence/Normal Bladder Function
Urinary Incontinence Types, Evaluation, ICD-9 Codes
10:15 Break
10:30 Overview of Biofeedback and Electrical Stimulation for Incontinence
Lab: Biofeedback/SEMG for the Pelvic Floor
Lab: Electrical Stimulation for Incontinence
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Bladder Retraining and Behavioral Treatments with Bladder Diary Lab
2:00 UI Treatment Protocols/Case Studies / Outcome Measures/Billing
3:45 Break
4:00 Female Pelvic Pain Intro
Lab: Anatomy/Pelvic Clock/Surface Anatomy Exam/Bony Landmarks
5:00 Test
5:15 Adjourn

Day Three:
7:45 Intro to Pelvic Pain Conditions, External Exam Techniques
Lab: Adductors/Obturator Internus/Pelvic Rim Palpation
9:15 PT Evaluations for Pelvic Pain Conditions, Outcome Measures and Sexual Abuse
10:15 Break
10:30 Lab: Complete Pelvic Floor Internal/ External Exam
11:30 PF Pain Specific Diagnoses
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Continue PF Pain Specific Diagnoses/ Treatment Overview
2:00 Break
2:15 Pelvic Pain Treatment /Case Studies
4:00 Resources and Test
4:15 Adjourn


Have a question about this course? Contact Us.

This course was the best I have been to in my 14 years of experience/practice. The course was actually 2 fold for me as I learned a lot about my own body. I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter with learning; the personal stories, jokes and examples will stick in my brain helping me retain the abundant amount of great information we learned in just 3 days. I feel so fortunate to be taught by the 2 greatest PF therapists in the country! You have a truly unique way of teaching. I will be proud to tell my peers who taught me all this fantastic stuff! I totally feel ready and confident to return to work and put it all to use.
-Michele Hardee, PTA – Wilmington, NC

As a student I participated in a 8 week women’s health internship, that was not a good experience. I have learned more here and become more comfortable in 3 days than I did in those 8 weeks.
-Amanda Tolbert, PT – Midlothian, VA

The class was extremely helpful in reinforcing information and skills already learned. I believe even seasoned therapists could benefit from the course. I thank you so much for all your hard work!
-Bonnijane Monson, DPT, ATC – Monterey, CA

Can’t wait to take another course. Even though the material is large, the class went fast because it was interesting and well done.
-Jennifer Heine, DPT – Valparaiso, IN

The course provide content and a skill set that can be incorporated immediately upon completion. The presentation of classroom information flows nicely, and there is plenty of opportunity for practical application in lab. I came into the course with limited knowledge and am leaving with the confidence to begin evaluating and treating women’s pelvic dysfunction patients. Thank you for the information!
-Kristin Hinterstocker, PT – Fargo, ND

I got so much information this weekend, I feel I have found a new passion. I want more classes!! This is so exciting!
-Michelle Saldana, PTA – Fairfield, CA

This class was amazing! I thought I was passionate about this topic before but taking this class has increased my passion/interest in pelvic floor disorders times 10!! I can’t wait to evaluate my first patient. Brandi and Teri are phenomenal instructors. I’m looking forward to watching my patient caseload grow.
-Nikki Anderson, OT - Coxs Creek, KY

This course really opened my eyes to the enormous benefits of WH Physical Therapy.
-Alexis Eusterbrock, DPT, COMT – Seattle, WA

Great course! Initially I was hesitant to take the course, because of internal exam, but now that I’ve taken it I’m very excited about incorporating the material into my practice. Also want to keep taking other courses.
-Linda Naomi Futamura, PT, MS – Palo Alto, CA

Prior to this course I was extremely nervous and anxious about this area of practice. By the last day of the course I had much more confidence in my ability to begin assessing patients with pelvic floor problems. Thank you!!
-Leah Cruze, PT – Minneapolis, MN

Class was great
Info presented organized
Questions answered
Cupcakes for my birthday, awesome, you went out of your way!
Best course I’ve been to!
-Melissa Perry, PT – Peoria, IL

I really appreciate the attention in the lab, never felt rushed even in the way Teri and Brandi prepared us for lab; light hearted yet serious about really developing our skills.
-Natalie Hickenbotham, PT - Santa Barbara, CA

Appreciate the flow of course. Day 1 seemed intensive both with lecture and lab but provided foundation and interest to go further. Lab and lecture seemed well coordinated. Instructors and assistants very well prepared, helpful and patient. Excellent organization. Many Thanks!
-Vicki Hemmett, DC – Huntington, VT

Passionate instructors who add clarity and comfort with the topic beyond expectation.
-Susan Mckinley, MSPT – Bloomington, IL

Brandi is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgable instructors I have had in courses. She combined a great mix of information, repetition, experience and humor to promote learning. The most helpful aspect was hand over hand palpation during lab to gain comfort/confidence and perspective on assessment of pelvic floor musculature.
-Melissa Fee, DPT – Naperville, IL

Brandi and Teri were the best instructors. They made me feel comfortable without making me feel stupid. I feel more prepared to treat patients than after I took APTA SOWH level 1 pelvic! The manual is priceless!
-Jill Timm – Iola, WI

Brandi and Teri were remarkable. Their lecture style was engaging and informative. Day 1 Anatomy, Brandi started very quickly but other than that whey were FABULOUS! They know their stuff!!
-Nicole E Coleman, PT, DPT – Holly, MI

The instructor really made everyone feel comfortable performing/learning techniques even if this is their first time seeing a vagina.
-Lisa Walton, PT, DPT – Plainfield, IL

-Jennifer Mercier, PHD – Elgin, IL

Thank you- Wonderful course, you kept it fun and comfortable.
-Jennifer Feagles, DPT – Bellingham, WA

Great hands on course. I felt ready to evaluate and treat at the end of the class.
-Melissa Dugal, DPT – Augusta, ME

Love it! My brain is full… But I want more!
-Joyce G. Masters, PT, CLT – Bellingham, WA

I think this has been an incredible course. I feel comfortable treating patients and incontinence and pelvic pain now.
-Emily Faragasso, DPT – Lexington, KY

I really enjoyed this course. The instructors were very engaging and knowledgeable- their experience really shines through!
-Jennifer Bender, SPT – University of Puget Sound. Tacoma, WA

Really great course. I feel confident to treat pelvic pain incontinence patients right from tomorrow. I look forward to adding new service to my practice.
-Dhara Solanki, PT, DPT – Santa Barbara, CA

I didn’t believe it at first, but I really do feel like I could treat patients tomorrow because of this course.
-Mariah Marsh, PT, DPT – Vallejo, CA

The lab was so critical and so wonderful! Love the reinforcement of the material.
-Imee Harsuvanakit, DPT – San Francisco, CA

Great course for therapist who wants to have an evidence based practice.
-Raven Sims, DPT – Philadelphia, PA

Fantastic course, very well organized and extremely comprehensive, especially for beginners in pelvic floor PT.
-Catherine Garwacki, DPT – Ridgecrest, CA

This course was so helpful from the standpoint of pelvic floor as well as putting it together with orthopedic practice. The instructors and lab assistants were extremely knowledgeable, caring, and geared toward making everyone learn the most amount in such a small amount of time.
-Kristine Williams, PT – Hauppauge, NY

The instructors have ways of making everyone comfortable and making this experience great learning experience.
-Monisha Mealing, SDPT - New York, NY

I was nervous for this class and by the end of the seminar I felt confident with my skills and ready for the clinic!
-Carrie Schwegman-Norum, PT – Bagley, MN

I learned so much about myself this weekend that I have joyful tears running down my legs. (no pun intended)
-Jennifer Ferreira, PT - Cleveland Heights, OH

I really enjoyed the class, it was a great first step into the world of comprehensive women’s health evaluation and treatments.
-Denise Berger, MSPT – Waterford, CT

This course provided me an entry to the new realm of physical therapy!
-Kinjal Markana, PT - Jersey City, NJ

I felt immediately at ease with instructors who are very qualified with excellent information and resources. So glad I came to this course. You also came highly recommended.
-Dana Georgeson, PT - Caruthers, CA

One of the most inspiring courses I have attended. You really feel motivated and confident to change lives with the information you receive.
-Ashleigh Day - Owasso, OK

Even though I've previously attended pelvic rehab courses for over 15 years, this course presents valuable "forgotten" information and skill assessment that is definitely helpful (to include changing terminology and treatment modalities) in the ever evolving field of women's health P.T.
-Veda McIntire, PT - Colorado Springs, CO

Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment Level 1 - PF1
Apr 25, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Location: Duke University Medical Center
$ 695.00
May 16, 2014 - May 18, 2014
Location: Womens Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation
$ 695.00
Jun 06, 2014 - Jun 08, 2014
Location: Virginia Hospital Center
$ 675.00
Jul 25, 2014 - Jul 27, 2014
Location: Mercy Hospital
$ 675.00
Sep 05, 2014 - Sep 07, 2014
Location: Washington University School of Medicine
$ 675.00
Oct 24, 2014 - Oct 26, 2014
Location: Marathon Physical Therapy
$ 675.00
Nov 14, 2014 - Nov 16, 2014
Location: FunctionSmart Physical Therapy
$ 675.00
Dec 05, 2014 - Dec 07, 2014
Location: Methodist Physicians Clinic
$ 675.00
Mar 20, 2015 - Mar 22, 2015
Location: University of Colorado Hospital
$ 675.00