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We’ll create a boutique one-woman infertility practice for you - Clear Passage Physical Therapy (Nationwide, USA)

Job Description

We are creating a group of small, boutique manual PT practices in major US cities. Our solo PT practices generally treat just one to two patients a week in a relaxed, unhurried environment. If you love manual therapy, we will enhance your skills to succeed with abdominal and pelvic conditions, then set you up near a major U.S. city. You will give life to infertile women and save lives for patients with abdominal adhesions every week.

Background & Opportunity

At Clear Passage® Therapies, we have developed protocols to successfully treat abdominopelvic disorders, including female infertility and life-threatening bowel obstructions for 30+ years. With over a dozen peer-reviewed studies about our work in major journals, patients attend our small, boutique clinics from around the world. Our challenge is to find a few good soft tissue therapists, train them to succeed with our patients, then set them up in boutique locations in major US cities.

Our work is very gratifying; we give life and save lives every week. Our clinics are unique in the world, providing a place where manual therapists can treat in a lovely relaxed setting, with evidence-based protocols backed by published research.

Most patients will arrive at your door on Monday morning, attend 20 hours of therapy over five days, then return home. Others might attend a few hours a week. Given the training we will give you, changes you will achieve with our patients in five days’ time are remarkable, as you will see on our Google reviews.You can visit our website at www.clearpassage.com.

We handle all pre-screening, scheduling, administration, bookkeeping, income and expense from our Florida Headquarters, so you can do what you love best – treat each patient in a lovely private therapy room, in a relaxed environment. We are cash-based so you won’t have to deal with insurers or managed care. Our PTs generally treat around 30 hours a week, then do a bit of local marketing. Paperwork is minimal, consisting of an Initial Evaluation, daily notes, and a Discharge Summary.

If this sounds interesting to you, call us now.

Required Skills

Manual soft tissue therapy; MFR & Visceral are good background skills.

Contact Info

Clear Passage Therapies; email your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; call or text Larry at 352-339-6606.