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Physical Therapist - Well Being Pelvic Physical Therapy (Salt Lake City) Utah

Well Being Pelvic Physical Therapy is growing again and need at least one, possibly 2 Physical Therapists with experience in pelvic health.

New grads welcome!

PT experience includes one or more: internship with trained pelvic PT, completed specialized coursework (H&W preferred), or worked in a setting that sees a variety of cases related to these conditions. We offer continuing education training throughout your time here, and can tailor additional courses to your areas of strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

We are a clinic that specializes in complex pelvic health conditions for persons of all gender identification. We treat a range or orthopedic, pregnancy/postpartum, pain, chronic health conditions, strength training, and others, in a manner that focuses on the person as a whole, unique individual. If you are not already experienced, we encourage (and train) in nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, and have close relationships with partners in the healthcare community.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a cash-based, concierge-type setting. This allows you to treat in the manner just described, in addition to benefitting you as a clinician. You will never have to fight an insurance company to be able to offer the skilled services to a patient in the way you see fit. This also allows us to offer more competitive wages.

Hours and schedule are flexible. While we like to maintain consistency for patient care, the days per week and total hours can be set based on your needs. At this time, we do need one of those days to be Friday, and hours later in the day are preferred.

We value each therapist's unique skills and look to have a team with a variety of treatment styles and opinions, while being able to meet the overall vision of the clinic. We put patient care first, focus on the whole person, validate concerns and are trained in trauma-informed care and value patient goals for a wide variety of clientele.

If you feel this would be a good fit for you, we would like to opportunity to see if we feel the same. Please contact me and send your resume to my email listed on the website. Indeed won't allow posting of the email address, plus reviewing the website is a good way to become familiar with the clinic. We look forward to talking with you.

Job Types:

Full-time, Part-time


From $45.00 per pt plus incentives

COVID-19 considerations:

Masks required, multiple air purifiers, time between patients in each room (rotate treatment rooms), face shield options. Remote or in-person interview.

Required Skills :

At least one pelvic health specialty course (ex: PF1), internship in pelvic health preferred

Desired Skills/Qualifications :

Able to treat all persons, with a variety of skill sets. Having preferences, such as orthopedics or Pilates is encouraged, but the general foundation is for manual, pelvic health with comfort in performing internal treatments as needed.

Contact Info

Please email resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.