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Physical Therapy Business Plan Template

Physical Therapy Business Plan Template


This business plan template will guide you through the process of planning out a new physical therapy practice. Learn from the experience of our faculty members and instructors who have started their own clinics, and get your new clinic up and running!

Have you ever wanted to start your own physical therapy practice? Be your own boss? Make your own hours? But you are unsure of how to get started? This is the product for you. We created this business plan template, based on the experience and feedback from our many faculty members and instructors who have started their own clinics, many of which have been operations and profitable for years.

This product is not a completed business plan that is ready for presentation. It would be nearly impossible to create such a document that multiple parties would find useful given the variance in scope, size, and location of potential clinics. This is a business plan template, meaning that buyers will still need to research and enter a lot of information into the template specific to their proposed enterprise before presenting the finished business plan to a lender, bank, or investor. That being said, a buyer who does their research and fills out all the necessary information in the template will have a comprehensive and presentable business plan. When purchased together with a physical therapy clinic start-up financial model template from H&W, those wishing to start their own clinic will have everything they need to go into business for themselves by treating patients, and improving lives.

This product will contain the following:

1. One word document template, with blank text fields that the buyer can populate with text and other information specific to their proposed business model.
2. One pdf file with instructions on filling out the business plan template.

Physical Therapy Clinic Business Plan Template Outline:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Analysis
  • Legal Structure
  • Location / Potential Locations / Location Considerations
  • Management
    Defining the leadership
  • Relevant experience of leadership
    Existing relationships with referral sources, or patients
  • Industry Analysis
    Local Market Size
    Changes/Trends in Local Market
    Customers and Competition
  • Customer Analysis
  • Services provided – specialized/generic
    Multiple Types of Customers or needs
    Expectations of future growth
  • Competition
    Defining competition
    Measuring competition
    Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing
    Scope of services
    Referral sources
    Patient retention
  • Operations
    Day-to-day execution of tasks
    Long-term goal management
  • Financials

    These documents will be delivered in the format of Microsoft Word files.