Care of the Pregnant Patient - my experience at the course

Two weekends ago in San Diego, Herman & Wallace offered the first course event of our brand new course, Care of the Pregnant Patient. This course is part of a new series on pregnancy and postpartum, written and developed by Herman & Wallace faculty members (as we call them, our "Preg-perts").

Lisa Lahr, DPT attended this course and wrote of her experience:

The course Care of the Pregnant Patient was a wonderfully put together course. The course outline and handouts were wonderful, easy to follow and gave the right amount of information. Many physical therapist work with pregnant patients who have pain during their pregnancy. We have all had the patient for whom we run out of ideas how to help and have thought that she would feel better once the baby is born. After this class, I do not feel like I will ever have to feel this way again. I have learned so many things that I can try and teach my patients to help with their pain during pregnancy.

Another key part of the class was discussing ways to market to providers and the community to grow a strong program for pregnant patients to attend. We also discussed ways to improve relationships between providers and therapy for this patient population.

Jenni Gabelsberg is a wonderful instructor with a very strong knowledge base in women’s health and pregnancy patients and she provided great examples of what we talked about in class.

Overall, this class allowed me to leave with many new “tricks in my tool bag” and a new appreciation for the things that we can do for a pregnant patients. I look forward to attending the Care of the Postpartum Patient and would highly recommend this class to anyone that treats pregnant patients.

We will be offering this course two more times in 2013: in April in Houston, TX and in September in Winter Park, FL.

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