H&W Instructor to present at NATA Annual Meeting!

We are excited to announce Herman & Wallace instructor Ginger Garner, PT, MPT, ATC, PYT will speak at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s (NATA) 64th Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia this June. Her advanced presentation, titled Yoga Pulls Double Duty: Establishing Controlled Flexibility in Athletes, has already sold out!

Her presentation will be on June 27th in Las Vegas, NV and will focus on medical therapeutic yoga as treatment for athletes, a topic she pioneered in the healthcare industry here in the United States. With more than 35,000 members, the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia is the foremost annual continuing education event for athletic trains in the US. The event offers professionals an opportunity to learn new skills and advance their education in the medical athletic services. More than 350 companies from around the US will attend this year.
H&W is thrilled to be offering two of Ginger's courses this year: Yoga as Medicine for Pregnancy and Yoga as Medicine for Postpartum. Both these courses are designed to instruct on a biopsychosocial yogic model as applied to the pregnant and postpartum patient. These courses cover the physical, psychological, and social factors that can complicate pregnancy, as well as demonstrate the benefits of yoga to aid in their treatment. The Yoga as Medicine for Pregnancy course examines the systemic and natural changes experienced during pregnancy, and their complications. The course on Yoga as Medicine for Postpartum is aimed towards helping clinicians prepare expectant mothers and partners for the labor, delivery, and recovery that are a natural part of giving birth. It also establishes yogic methods for aiding patients who are struggling with body confidence, postpartum depression, and stress. These courses are unique in that they use current, evidence-based flexibility theories and information to improve health.

According to Ginger, yoga has been used as a theoretical healing system for more than five-thousand years. In 2001, she founded Professional Yoga Therapy Studies, an organization that blends yoga, sports medicine, and physical therapy curricula to educate clinicians and patients alike. Her medical yoga undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and medical continuing education programs are the first of their kind in the US. While her clinical focus ranges from orthopaedics to public health education, Ginger considers maternal health her most important work.

Ginger says: pregnancy and childbirth have a powerful impact on every aspect of a woman's life. Ideally, pregnancy should occur without unnecessary medical interventions and the delivery of a healthy baby; however, this is often not the case. Complications from motherhood often stem from the mother's physical, mental, emotional, and even socioeconomic health. Furthermore, many women do not get the care they need during pregnancy. The National Hosptial Discharge survey recently noted that more than 30% of women are hospitilazed for illness or other complications during pregnancy.
We are so lucky to have Ginger as part of our team and thrilled about the work she is doing to improve the lives of women!
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