Meet the Instructor for our New Course: "Lymphatic Drainage for Pelvic Pain!"

This November, Herman & Wallace is excited to bring a new course, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Pelvic Pain, to Houston, TX!  This course will be taught by Debora Hickman, DPT, WCS.

Susannah Haarmann

Pelvic Rehab Report sat down with Debbie to learn more about her upcoming course.

What can you tell us about this continuing education course that is not mentioned in the course description and objectives that are posted on-line?

This course is a must for physical therapists performing women’s health physical therapy.  I have found there is a need to reduce inflammation in pelvic pain patients either prior to beginning intravaginal treatment or following intravaginal treatment. In both cases, inflammation is prevalent.  Patients who are in an acute state of pain will be more tolerant of intravaginal treatment and those who flair up following treatment will have less discomfort and inflammation.

What inspired you to create this course?

I developed treatment protocols for a variety of diagnoses in women’s health that included MLD for patients with pelvic pain and inflammation.  A physical therapy expert on pelvic pain,who is a colleague of mine from Herman and Wallace, intimated other therapists attending her courses expressed an interest in learning techniques to treat inflammation in pelvic pain patients.  Her high regard for Herman and Wallace and the apparent need for a course motivated me to develop this program.

What resources and research were used when writing this course?

During my Klose Lymphedema Training Course, I learned the benefits of MLD included decreasing inflammation and pain.  Additionally, as I researched treatment for pelvic pain, I frequently observed that the primary treatment goals were to decrease pain and inflammation.  With my extensive knowledge of the lymphatic system combined with the current research on pelvic pain, I connected the idea that to improve the patient out come and decrease the duration of physical therapy treatment, manual lymphatic drainage needs to be apart of the treatment protocol.

Can you describe clinical/treatment approach/techniques covered in this continuing education course?

The clinical treatment approach, following a comprehensive women’s health physical therapy evaluation, includes how to decrease pain and inflammation.  You will be able to apply MLD for the pelvis and genitals to your current treatment protocol for your pelvic pain patients.  The seminar will cover emptying lymph node groups to receive additional lymph, making path ways to transport lymphatic fluid, and transporting lymph fluid from the pelvis, genitals and thighs to the terminus. When you have completed this course, you will have a general understanding of the lymphatic system, know when to use manual lymph drainage, and demonstrate how  to perform manual lymph drainage for the pelvis and genitals.

Why should a therapist take this course? How can these skill sets benefit his/her practice?

You will want to take this course to improve quality care and decrease pain and inflammation in your pelvic pain patients.  It is effective and gentle to use as a stand  alone treatment if needed due to patients in ability to tolerate more aggressive therapy.  Following this course you will be able to return to your clinic and begin   using MLD on your pelvic pain patients.

This course is a must for clinicians who wish to expand their knowledge of treating pelvic pain.  Seats are limited – register today!

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