Meet the Instructor of the new Business of Pelvic Rehab Course!

Fatima Hakeem, PT

This June, H&W is thrilled to be partnering with our dear friend, Fatima Hakeem, PT to bring a new course, The Business of Pelvic Rehab, to Denver, CO! This two-day course is intended for the clinician establishing or currently operating a women's health practice who would like to learn concrete skills for running his/her practice, including how to create a Business Plan, marketing to the community as well as physicians and hospital administrators, and recruiting and managing staff.

We sat down with Fatima to hear more about this great, new course.

PRR: What inspired you to create this course?

FH: For several years, I have been receiving calls and emails from therapists regarding the administrative piece of running a women’s health practice: questions on marketing, billing, regulatory requirements and business planning as they relate to women’s health. In addition, instructors that teach clinical courses consistently share with me that questions about the “admin” piece come up in every course. This course is a way to meet with these therapists face to face and help them start up and grow their women’s health service lines.

What resources and research were used when writing this course?

There are several text books on employee satisfaction, marketing to women, business planning, from which I have taken information and made it relevant to women’s health. I have attended several seminars put on by the Private Practice Section and bought several of their publications. I also have completed Billing and Coding courses.

Most importantly, I have set up two women’s health practices from “scratch” and have many years of experience dealing with regulatory requirements, physicians and patients. I have to say the mistakes I have made setting up two practices “from scratch” have been on my list of things to share with participants.

What can you tell us about this course that isn't covered in the description and objectives?

The course is designed, above all, to be practical and problem solving. We will spend time doing “labs”, meaning participants will not only leave with didactic information but with outlines of Business Plans and Marketing Plans.

Why should a therapist take this course? How can these skill sets benefit his/ her practice?

To have an effective practice that is financially viable, the business goals/skills and the clinical services must move in parallel. This seminar will help the therapist PLAN and EXECUTE a clinical women’s health program. The clinical courses offered are fabulous and allow the therapists to leave the courses with ready- to- implement clinical skills. However, those therapists may then find themselves stuck on the administrative aspects related to billing, G Codes, how to convince physicians to refer patients, how to handle patient complaints, and how to meet the corporate goals of productivity and quality. The skills learned in this course are effective, easy to implement and will help minimize these mistakes that are so easy to make along the way.

Want to learn more from Fatima? Join us in Denver in June!

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