My Experience at the Pediatric Course - an OT's perspective


Last weekend, Pelvic Rehab Report guest-blogger, Erica Vitek MOT, OTR, BCB-PMD, attended H&W's Pediatric Incontience and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction course in Madison, WI. This course was developed and is instructed by Dawn Sandalcidi. Erica had this to say about her experience in the course:

The most recent Herman & Wallace course I attended was Pediatric Incontinence course taught by Dawn Sandalcidi. I had been patiently waiting for this course to come to the Midwest/Wisconsin area and when it did I signed up immediately.

I have been treating women's and men's health patients for just over 8 years. Since I took the level 1 pelvic floor course with Herman and Wallace, I have been so impressed with the layout and organization of the material. The take-away information from each course allowed me to return to the clinic on Monday and begin treating patients in new and different ways. I've found that the ideas presented can be immediately implemented and improve the quality of life of all the individuals in need of such specialized treatment. As an occupational therapist coming into the field of pelvic floor disorders, I needed the additional depth and focus on pelvic structure and anatomy since this was not a main focus of my underlying educational degree and I can not say enough about how much their coursework prepared me.

Prior to last weekend's course, I had always treated pelvic floor dysfunction in adults but would get the occasional phone call from a parent looking for help with a child who had bowel or bladder issues. The parents sounded so desperate to find help and I struggled to locate someone in my immediate area that could help them. Since generalized pediatric evaluation and treatment is not something with which I have experience, I was not sure if this course would be able to provide me with all the things I would need to get going. If anything, I thought, this course might help me to better understand my adult patients and even get some additional ideas to help them. The pediatric course exceeded all of my expectations! Dawn packed the two days with all the diagnoses for which pediatric patients would be referred, reseached based data with up-to-date terminology, endless practical ideas for behavioral modification specific to children, medical testing interpretation, the psychological considerations, start-to-finish clinic video evaluations of pediatric pateints, and an affordable start-up list of things to purchase to get going right away. Dawn put a passion in me to widen my base of referrals to include pediatrics and give children and parents with these problems somewhere to turn. Changing a child's life in this way could mean all the difference.

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