New Biomechanical Course Utilizes Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to Push Boundaries of Pelvic Rehab

Despite the fact that millions of men and women experience pelvic floor dysfunction, it is often and incorrectly considered a “women’s health issue” and pelvic rehabilitation is often thought to be the province of Women’s Health physical therapists.  Information about pelvic rehabilitation is often couched in language that revolves around perinatal and elderly female patients, while ignoring men, athletes, and teens.

For example, both male and female athletes can be frequent sufferers of pelvic floor dysfunction, as a by-product of the extreme stress high level performance takes on their bodies, often linked to sports hernia and femoroacetabular impingement.

This year, Herman & Wallace is introducing a new course which applies a sports medicine approach to treating the pelvic floor and core. Biomechanics of the Hip and Pelvis illustrates how understanding pelvic balance and manual movement therapy are integral to treating and preventing injury.  This course is instructed by Steve Dischiavi, MPT, DPT, ATC, COMT, CSCS, who is the PT for the Florida Panthers hockey team and is applicable to treating all patients: from men to new moms, athletes to the elderly.

H&W faculty instructor, Stacey Futterman, PT, MPT, WCS, BCB-PMD, had this to say about Steve:

“I have known Steve for years and have tremendous respected for his orthopedic and sports medicine skills.  After I took Steve’s course on how to implement the integrated sling systems, I developed therapeutic exercise programs for my clients that were more core and hip focused.  I was amazed when I leaned how I could use the same theories Steve applies with his professional athletes to my pelvic and women’s health clients of all ages.  It’s also a great course to understand body mechanics as it pertains to the hip and pelvis when applying it to exercise.  Clinicians of all disciplines from sports medicine to women's health will enjoy Steve's a dynamic speaking style and wide knowledge base.”

Fellow H&W faculty instructor Pamela A. Downey, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD, said:

“Steve is an accomplished PT, works with high level athletes (the hockey team here the Panthers) and teaches in the t-DPT at NSU, where I have met him.  He really understands the hip and trunk stabilization and is a manual therapist. He was a very effective speaker, with good labs, excellent slides and media pieces, and genuinely likes to teach.”

H&W is thrilled to be launching this brand new course in 2013. Don’t miss your chance to expand your skill set and approach – register today!

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