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HW is excited to announce the addition of a brand-new course to our Pelvic Function (PF) Series! 

Pelvic Function Level 2C (PF2C): the Male Pelvic Floor and Men’s Pelvic Health

Formerly the stand-alone course, Male Pelvic Floor Function Dysfunction and Treatment, this course is now being adapted and reformatted to be a part of the PF Series, reflecting the inclusive stance of H&W core series instructing in the care of all patients. This course is intended for the pelvic health clinician who treats patients with conditions including post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and chronic pelvic pain (CPP). 

This course will be offered as satellite, self-hosted, and in-person options in order to provide the most flexible pathway for participants. 

It is a reality of our field that pelvic rehab evolved from a tradition of “women’s health physical therapy”, and that is reflected in the prior vulvovaginal emphasis of the existing coursework. As the scope of pelvic rehab has expanded to encompass men’s health and care for all genders, it is important that all pelvises be incorporated at every level of our series, and that men’s health be a foundational part of our curricula, rather than being siloed as a specialty offering. 

It is now our expectation that providers who want to care for patients around topics provided in the men’s health course will now take our introductory course, Pelvic Function 1. This is a necessary change reflecting growth and progression of our field of pelvic healthcare. Over the years, it was helpful to offer a course focusing on post-prostatectomy dysfunction, pelvic and genital pain and sexual health and function that was open to all levels. However, while participants who took the former Male Pelvic Floor course developed competence in the instructed skills, by missing the rest of the series, foundational conversations including physiology of urinary function, discussion of trauma-aware care, and bowel health basics that often affect other pelvic functions were abbreviated. Including men’s health within the rest of the foundational series resolves the missed content from our foundational course. Attendees to our PF1 course will find that it has been elevated to be a more inclusive course that covers information about pelvic health which will allow a beginning pelvic health practitioner to immediately apply introductory principles of care to all genders. 

More questions about changes to the PF series? Please see this FAQ page:

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