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The upcoming Modalities and Pelvic Function course is a collaboration of different faculty members working to bring participants the information they have been asking for about modalities, ever since COVID forced a shift in Herman & Wallace's course format. This is a two day, in-person, hands-on course, created to be a very research based and intervention heavy learning experience for participants.

The majority of the in-person learning is interactive or lab based with the lectures being primarily focused on how to apply these modalities to clinical experiences and practice. If you can think of a modality, it is probably mentioned, if not practiced or sampled during this class. You can check out the schedule for an extensive list of all of the modalities included in this class. If there was a modality that could not be experienced as a group, there are interspersed expert interviews reviewing those concepts.

This class is for all types of learners and will definitely meet the needs of people missing in person learning opportunities. Because this class is so lab focused, hands-on and has so much equipment involved, there will only be a few offerings with small in person class sizes.

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From the Desk of Holly Tanner (Director of Education)

One of the course content pieces that was left out of the Zoom world transition in our popular Pelvic Floor Level 1 course that introduces participants to the world of pelvic health has been our usual modalities focus, namely that of surface electromyography (sEMG) training and electrical stimulation. For the right patient, these tools are efficient and effective; the equipment is also difficult to ship to multiple Satellite locations around the country. Herman & Wallace is thrilled to announce that not only have we solved this issue, but designed a way for clinicians to learn about dozens of modalities in an environment that allows the clinician to move beyond theoretical and soundly into the practical delivery of a variety of technologies and tools.

The new Modalities and Pelvic Function course answers the clinician’s need to understand how to choose and access the right tools both for in-clinic care and for patient self-care application. While biofeedback and electrical stimulation are covered in this course, so are introductions to understanding tools such as shockwave, dry needling, real time ultrasound, laser, and electrotherapies. With hands-on lab time, and learning modules grouped into tools specific to pelvic health conditions such as bowel dysfunction, sexual health challenges, practitioners will have the opportunity to trial a variety of tools and applications that previously may have only been available as an image in a presentation.

Current Medical Technologies will be in-person with us as we design this learning experience and will be available to answer your questions about products and clinical set-up. The interactive environment has been designed to be stimulating and allow the clinician to apply a variety of learning strategies including tactile opportunities to try things on themselves or a lab partner. This is a unique course that provides foundational understanding of technology and tools, clinical practice research and recommendations in an in-person environment. Many equipment providers have been generous in providing sample products for trial and even some giveaways to take home! We believe this modalities course is so foundational to our skillset in pelvic health that we almost put into our core pelvic function series lineup. If you’re wondering “when should I take this course?” the answer is “as soon as you can!” The only pre-requisite for this course is having taken one entry-level pelvic health course that instructs internal pelvic health examination.

Keep an eye open for course dates and locations being added to the online course catalog. If you are interested in hosting a course in your facility or clinic then keep reading below for more information!

Price: $645.00          Experience Level: Intermediate         Contact Hours: 18.5 hours

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

Now Seeking New Hosts!

Host A Course

Herman & Wallace is excited to announce that beginning in 2024, we will be offering our Pelvic Floor Series courses with in-person instruction.

This means that we are seeking hosts who are interested in having a faculty member come to their location to teach one of the following courses:

  • Pelvic Function Level 1
  • Modalities and Pelvic Function
  • Pelvic Function Level 2A/2B/2C
  • Dry Needling and Pelvic Health

If you are in a densely-populated area and have a space that can accommodate 36+ course participants and are interested in hosting an in-person event, please review the information at and let us know!

For those with slightly less space, we are actively seeking hosts for courses offered in the Satellite Lab format. Satellite lab courses use video conferencing to allow smaller groups around the country to learn under the direction of local lab assistants. If you would like to host a satellite, and have space for 16+ course participants, visit  to get in touch.

Hosting Examples

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