Percy Harvin Suffers Hip Labrum Tear

Yesterday, star athlete and Seahawks wide receiver, Percy Harvin, suffered a hip labrum tear.? His injury may require surgery, as one of his physicians has suggested.

The labrum is vital in such basic functions shock absorption and joint lubrication.? As described on the Mayo Clinic?s website, ?The labrum acts like a socket to hold the ball at the top of your thighbone (femur) in place.?? It?s easy to see why hip labrum tears are not uncommon among athletes.

Percy Harvin received a $67 million dollar contract when he was traded to Seattle from the Minnesota Vikings last spring.? His career has been hampered by injuries.? Frequently missing games because of migraine headaches, Harvin missed most of last season with an ankle injury.

Of course, you don?t have to be a star football player to suffer from labral tears, and acetabular labral tears are reported to be a major cause of hip dysfunction in young patients and a primary precursor to hip osteoarthritis. Herman & Wallace offers a course on Extra-Articular Pelvic and Hip Labrum Injuries.? The next course-event will be offered next year? Stay tuned for our 2014 schedule!

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