Prenatal Yoga Increases Strength and Confidence for Pregnant Women

While many prenatal women practice yoga to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy, prenatal yoga is becoming a more and more popular tool to prepare women for labor.  The topic of prenatal pregnancy was recently covered in the Welland Tribune.  The article, titled “Prenatal Yoga Gets Women Ready for Birth,” follows Angela Sacco, a registered nurse and pre- and post-natal fitness specialist. Sacco has attended more than 100 births.  Her eight-week program is specially-tailored to aid pregnant women as they prepare for giving birth.

According to Sacco, “Yoga in the delivery room, be it home or hospital, is meant to relieve pain, build confidence and make it all go quicker.”

Although the fitness benefits – enhanced strength, stamina, and flexibility – are significant, Sacco’s program’s greatest asset may be that it allows participants to understand the natural processes of child-birth.  Furthermore, with this understanding comes vital confidence, intangible equally central to a successful labor.

This September, H&W will be offering a course on Yoga for the Pregnant Patient.  This course is designed to teach therapists on how to safely recommend yoga prescriptions through each stage of pregnancy.

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