Urinary Incontinence Affects Just About Everyone

Urinary Incontinence (UI) is about as pervasive of a condition as any.  Allegro Medical posted a blog recently on “Managing Bedtime Adult Urinary Incontinence.”  As they note in their piece, over “one-third of adults wake up at least twice during the night” to urinate.

Nearly everything that involves the uncontrolled outflow of urine is a type of urinary incontinence.  Meaning, the underlying cause of Urinary Incontinence can be anything from diet to dehydration to weak pelvic floor muscles.

While UI is most pervasive in men over forty, women of all ages, especially pregnant and postpartum women, are affected.  For patients, this can be an exhausting and embarrassing affliction so much so that many do not seek out medical professionals for treatment.

Our Urinary Incontinence Manual is specifically designed to focus on adult UI and includes everything from educational tools for patients to resources for marketing an incontinence practice.  Purchasers receive the product electronically after they purchase, and all forms are customizable with your own clinic’s info and logo.  Check out this and other offerings on our Products page!

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