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There are a couple of reasons that we do not guarantee that we will submit such an application upon request:

1. Often potential registrants will tell us that they will not register for a course unless we submit an application to their state licensing entity. We go through the effort to submit such an application, and then the potential registrant who made the request that we submit an application ends up not attending the course in question. If no other registrants from this person's state are attending the course, then Herman & Wallace has just spent a good deal of time and resources on an application that no one cares about. Wasting such time and resources drives up the cost of other products and services, which ultimately punishes our registrants.

2. Most states that have a process wherein individual licensees can apply to have a course approved by the state licensing entity charge individual licensees significantly less than they charge course sponsors to submit an application. When there are only one or two registrants from a given state attending a given course, it makes financial sense for the licensee to apply on individually and then for Herman & Wallace to reimburse the licesee for the cost of the application. If Herman & Wallace had a policy of guaranteeing that we would submit an application for a given course to the licensing entity of every registrant in that given course, our costs of sponsoring each event would dramatically increase. Such increased costs will ultimately increase the price of all services and products that we offer, which is against the best interest of our registrants.