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According to Herman & Wallace Terms and Conditions of Attendance, "It is the responsibility of each registrant to know the laws and regulations of the state in which they are licensed." Herman & Wallace is not responsible for informing you about the laws and deadlines related to continuing education course approval in your state. As detailed in the Terms and Conditions of Attendance, you can either requiest to have such courses approved, or you can submit an individual application for which Herman & Wallace will reimburse you.


If you attended a Herman & Wallace course outside of the state in which you are licensed to practice, and this course was not approved by your state licensing entity, and the deadline has passed for you to submit an application for approval, it is unlikely that your state licensing entity will count the time that you spent in this given Herman & Wallace course toward your continuing education re-licensure requirements. Most states have a process wherein you can request a waiver from the continuing education requirement for re-licensure, but the instances in which a licensing entity will grant such a waiver vary greatly from state to state.


To avoid this situation, familiarize yourself with the laws of the state in which you practice, and be sure to meet all deadlines set forth in such laws.