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H&W seeks highly-motivated clinicians who wish to educate the next generation of pelvic rehabilitation practitioners. If you are interested in teaching the H&W series of courses, please submit an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (subject line: New Faculty Application - Your Name) and attach a current CV. Applicant’s CV must demonstrate that the applicant possess:

  • An active Physical Therapy license
  • 5+ years experience providing direct pelvic patient care, and a minimum of 2,000 hours total spent providing direct pelvic patient care. Pelvic patient care includes hours spent on direct patient care related to conditions of pelvic pain, pelvic girdle dysfunction, conditions of bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction that relate, in whole or in part, to the health and function of pelvic structures and the pelvic floor. Other conditions that qualify as direct pelvic patient care may include dysfunctions of the abdomen, thoracolumbar spine, or the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. These hours can include care for pediatric, adolescent, adult, and aged patients of any gender.
  • An active PRPC (Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification) or plans to obtain PRPC within one year of applying. H&W may also consider the WCS (Women’s Health Clinical Specialty) as evidence of commitment to excellence in this field. Therapists who wish to apply but have not earned either the PRPC or WCS certifications must have 10+ years experience providing direct pelvic patient care.
  • Completion of the entire Pelvic Floor series (Level 1, 2A, 2B and Capstone), or completion of PF1, 2A, 2B and PF3 if completed prior to 2016 or PF1, PF2, and PF3 if completed prior to 2008.
  • Applicant has acted as a lab tech at a minimum of two courses per year for the last two years. H&W will check our records to verify the applicant received majority positive eval scores from participants and favorable reviews from instructing faculty.

Additional Recommended Skills: The overwhelming feedback from our courses is that the faculty are the greatest strengths and the best part of their experience. We are seeking qualified experts with deep clinical knowledge, but we are also seeking individuals that have that “special sauce” that makes a great instructor. Here are a few ingredients that are part of that sauce.

  • Applicant should possess a minimum computer technical proficiency that includes a working knowledge of Microsoft suite, particularly Powerpoint, ability to manage a timely and professional email correspondence, and ability to access and share files using Dropbox
  • Strong public speaking skills and ability to carry oneself with poise and professionalism in a classroom-style setting.
  • Ability to troubleshoot in real time while managing one's own stress, while maintaining a "the show must go on" attitude is imperative.
  • The ideal candidate will be an empathetic person who can support their peers as they learn new skills and participate in lab work that can be sensitive and triggering, as well supporting one's co-instructor as a team-player. We strive to foster a learning environment that is welcoming and kind, and our faculty is key to carrying out that mission.
  • Passion - this may be demonstrated by commitment to the field, but also to one’s community, hobby, church or other projects. We’d love to hear about the highlights that make an applicant a unique individual!