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While we observe social distancing, H&W is running a number of our courses remotely via Zoom meeting. These courses are offered live, with the instructor lecturing, demonstrating, and answering questions via Zoom. With the exception of providing hands-on lab time, these remote courses very much seek to mimmic the experience of attending a course in-person. Some remote courses have prerecorded componenets, but the majority of the contact hours are live and interactive. This is why the courses take place during a specific time and date, and have limited seats (so that the instructor may field all questions.) You can see our remote course offerings here: Remote Continuing Education courses.

Additionally, H&W has worked with Medbridge Education to offer a number of online courses which are prerecorded. These courses include static learning modules with high quality anatomical graphics. They are not moderated by a live instructor who is teaching "in real time". You can view a list of our online offerings here: Online Continuing Education courses.