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Remote courses will start at the published start time. Just like when you attend an in person course, where you'll want to be in your seat with you manual open when the instructor starts lecturing, you'll want to plan on logging in about 15 minutes before the start time, so you have time to get settled and troubleshoot any last minute issues. Be sure to download and test Zoom in the days before the course, and reach out to the H&W team if you have any issues. You can view a helpful Tutorial on Joining a Zoom Meeting here. It will be imperative that your microphone work so that you may ask questions. It is not imperative that your camera that shows you works; though we would love to see you, not being able to do so will not impact your ability to fully participate.

We recommend having a pen and notepad available for note-taking during the course. 

During the meeting, participants should mute themselves so the rest of the participants do not hear background noise picked up by your computer mic. You can unmute yourself in order to ask questions.