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Pregnancy policy: We do not recommend that participants be evaluated or act as a model for internal examinations if they are pregnant or have other medical conditions that limit examinations or vaginal penetration. To insure your participation is not medically contraindicated or high-risk, we require a doctor or midwife approval letter if you are pregnant and wish to fully participate. Please keep in mind that you will be evaluated by students who have never before performed these examinations. A release of liability for the lab and a medical release note (approval letter from your OB/GYN on rx form or stationary) will, therefore, be required for internal lab participation. Another option is for participants to bring a lab “stand in” - someone who would potentially be evaluated by anyone in the course. The stand-in model should realize that she is not coming to be evaluated solely by the participant she accompanies. The lab schedule will be issued to those who bring a stand- in models, as models will be allowed in the course only during labs do not attend the entire class. We realize it may be difficult to find someone to act as a model. Because we want and encourage participation in our courses, we are willing to help registrants that are pregnant or have medical concerns find an option that will allow them to maximize their continuing education experience with the Institute. Please contact the Institute if you need assistance making arrangements. In the case that a participant is unable to find a model, she may work in groups of three during lab time. Please understand, however, that hands on lab time for these participants may be more limited.