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Participants in PF 1 will be trained to perform pelvic floor muscle examinations on female course participants. After an introduction to pelvic floor anatomy, the rationale, indications and contraindications of internal examination will be reviewed. There are four internal PF labs. Examination training will take place in a large open room with an instructor to participant ratio of 1:10. During lab time, participants will be asked to be "models" and evaluators.

Pelvic floor labwork includes external genitalia identification, palpation externally of pelvic floor muscles and surface anatomy, digital vaginal palpation of the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor muscle testing/pelvic prolapse evaluations. If you do not participate in the class as a model you will be part of a group of three participants rather than two and may not have the opportunity to complete all of the lab activities, though you can watch. (The lab time is allocated for groups of two so there may be little time for a third in the group to learn all the techniques instructed.)

Please know that our instructors have years of experience and are sympathetic to any shyness or concerns participants may have.  Most participants write in their testimonials that, even after initial shyness or apprehension about internal labwork, they felt at ease and confident amongst the supportive atmosphere of our courses. (See PF1 Testimonials)