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There are two ways to host a Herman & Wallace course at your facility.


The first is doing a public course. Public courses are usually held at sites that can accommodate around 30-40 participants. For a public course, the Institute handles all marketing and promotion of the event, collects all registrations and monies, and take care of things like shipping all supplies to the facility, making sure the manual and paperwork are made and delivered to the site, etc. and your site provides the space. Onsite, there is a host contact person, who job it is to set up the room, accept shipments of supplies, buy groceries (which the Institute reimburses for) etc.



The second option is to do a private course - for those sites that wish to host a smaller event exclusively for in-house therapists. For private events, the Institute does not market the course or put registrations on our website, and the site pays a flat fee to the Institute. The rate for private courses varies based on a number of factors, and we are happy to provide you with a quote for private events at your site.


Those interested in hosting private or public events should Contact Us through the Host a Course page.