Peter A. Philip PT, ScD, COMT, PRPC (New Canaan, CT)

Peter A. Philip PT, ScD, COMT, PRPCDr. Peter A. Philip PT, ScD, COMT, PRPC is recognized internationally for his skills and dedication to nonsurgical medicine. A private practice owner, national lecturer, and author of a new textbook for the differential diagnostics of pelvic pain, Dr. Philip is exceptionally pleased to have successfully passed the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification examination. Treating those suffering with pelvic pains and dysfunctions, in addition to orthopedic, neurological, pediatric and geriatric patient populations has been wonderfully challenging, and having a strong background in anatomy, biomechanics, pathophysiology and rehabilitation medicine allows for his success in treating this wonderfully diverse patient population.

Success is founded one patient at a time; day in and day out. Being able to make the correct distinction and determination of what exactly is ailing a patient, and knowing which treatment best suites each patient is a key to success. Having full expectations to make considerable changes in patients overall wellness within three treatment sessions has been a benchmark for his practice, and provides the impetus for continued knowledge acquisition, and professional growth. Dr. Philip enjoys assisting other professionals reach their potential through conversations, lectures and through writing. What a great honor it is to be involved in such a dynamic field of medicine where we can directly improve the wellness and health of so many people every single day.



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