Elizabeth Ann Makous, MS, PT, CLT, PRPC (Santa Clarita, CA)

I have been a PT for over 20 years and have always enjoyed working with complex and challenging patient problems. My patient load tends to include men and women with chronic pain (head, TMJ,spine,SIJ, extremities); pelvic floor dysfunctions (fecal and urinary incontinence,pelvic pain including genital and anal pain, sexual dysfunctions, painful bladder syndromes); lymphedema (primary or secondary-due to cancer treatments, post surgical scars or injuries), lipodema, and venous insufficiency edema issues. I also cast for Functional Foot Orthotics when appropriate. My extensive clinical experience has lead to good PT differential diagnostic skills as well as the ability to treat all musculoskeletal dysfunctions contributing to a patients pelvic floor dysfunctions. I work for Interstate Rehab in an outpatient physical therapy clinic affiliated with HMNMH in Santa Clarita, CA. I am blessed to work for a company that focuses on individualize quality care for each patient. We have private rooms because of the nature of the above diagnoses, the specialty equipment required, as well as infection control for my patients undergoing chemotherapy. Treatments are individualized and include manual therapy, use of home dilators or electrical stimulation units, as well as progression into a safe, appropriate home exercise program. For my pelvic and lower extremity lymphedema patients, they will also receive Complete Decongestive Therapy which includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage,compression wrapping, as well as compression garment prescription.