Elisa A Marchand, PTA, PRPC (Peoria, IL)

Elisa A Marchand, PTA, PRPCElisa graduated as a PTA in 2003. In her first 5 years of practice, she worked in a variety of settings: inpatient, outpatient, and skilled nursing. After moving to the Chicago area for a time, she became more interested in women's health and pelvic floor PT. Through happenstance, she was able to shadow a few wonderful pelvic floor therapists and begin teaching prenatal exercise classes. As time went on, and her interest grew, Elisa began taking more pelvic floor- centered courses with Herman and Wallace. She experienced some push-back at times, being a PTA. Most therapists were supportive, though. Upon moving back to her hometown of Peoria, IL, Elisa started a Pelvic Floor program with a locally-owned rehab company where she mentored 3 different PT's through the years. In that time, Elisa also taught as an adjunct with the local PTA program. Currently, Elisa works part-time for a privately, PT-owned women's health clinic: McKenna Physical Therapy. As a mom of three young boys, and spouse to a busy bi-vocational husband, Elisa sees her work as a way of pursuing her passions. Her deeply held passions include seeing women healed and restored from the emotional and physical pains that come with pelvic dysfunction, but also empowering them to be confident and educated in knowing their bodies.



Practice Information:
McKenna Physical Therapy
Peoria, IL