Naomi Wolfman BScN, NCA, GNC(C), BCB-PMD, PRCP (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Naomi Wolfman BScN, NCA, GNC(C), BCB-PMD- PRCPCanada’s first Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback (PMDB) certified practitioner, Naomi is also one of the country’s 65 Biofeedback and Neurofeedback practitioners and among the 17 with EEG Biofeedback training. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BScN) from the University of Victoria. Upon hearing Continence Nursing pioneer Phyllis Hunt speak at a Vancouver public forum, Naomi found her career’s inspiration and focus: to empower people with bladder challenges and improve the quality of their lives through education, behaviour modifications and researched clinical measures. Naomi’s passion for continued learning carried her to McMaster University where she completed the Nurse Continence Advisor program which enables Naomi to change lives for the better.


The founder of Embrace Continence Solutions, a nurse-led private practice, Naomi advocates the preservation of continence and management of incontinence. Deeply committed to bettering people’s lives through Embrace’s Pelvic Floor Enhancement Program, Naomi helps men, women and children prevent and decrease bladder symptoms and take back control over their pelvic floor function. She imparts valuable knowledge across demographics that include baby boomers, who find sustained relief from self-help techniques that Naomi learned through CNA’s Gerontologic Nursing Certification studies. Naomi understood early on that biofeedback therapy speeds up muscle learning and took it upon herself to combine it with Continence Nursing. In the inspiring environment of Biofeedback Training and Incontinence Solutions she learned more about the neuromuscular connection, as well as the history and intrinsics of biofeedback. Naomi continued with detailed courses on pelvic muscle restoration through Herman & Wallace, learning even more about the complexity of pelvic pain and its treatments. The 2015 Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certificate (PRPC) was a culmination of past workshops and courses on men’s, women’s and children’s therapies.


Naomi is BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance) certified in Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction (BCB-PMD). Her clinical experience and participation in a mentorship program helped her recognize that our resourceful bodies can do much of their own work should we give them time and room to do what they do best. Creating the proper environment, learning how to better access our awareness and working with our bodies as opposed to against them … these are lessons that continue to amaze and humble Naomi.



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