Danielle Knippenberg, PT, MPT, GCS, PRPC (Hatfield/Hilltown, PA)

Danielle KnippenbergDanielle graduated from the University of Scranton in 2008 and began her career in Arizona working in outpatient orthopedics while also gaining a wide range of clinical experience working in pediatrics, hippotherapy and aquatic therapy as well. Danielle and her husband, who is also a physical therapist, then performed traveling therapy for several years learning and practicing in different settings with a wide array of patient populations. In 2014 Danielle received her Geriatric Certified Specialist degree recognizing her advanced knowledge in this area.

In 2014 Danielle also became a mom and first hand observed the lack of resources in the Pelvic Floor/Women’s Health area. This included a lack of resources for new moms in training for caring and lifting for their newborns, proper positioning of mother and child, as well as, addressing the mother’s pain/dysfunctions pre and postpartum. This need prompted her to continue her focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation and she received her pelvic rehabilitation practitioner certification (PRPC) in 2016 and plans to sit for her women’s health speciality degrees (WCS) in 2017.

Danielle is the proud owner of CORE 3 Physical Therapy, LLC (CORE3PT.com) since 2015. Her clinic has the unique opportunity to provide pelvic floor treatment in addition to treating common orthopedic conditions. She works with a variety of patients including women, men, and children treating symptoms such as pre and postpartum symptoms, generalized pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, voiding/fecal dysfunctions and incontinence.

To find out more visit Danielle on Facebook at CORE 3 Physical Therapy, send her a message via her website CORE3PT.com, or contact her directly at (267) 308-5330