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Tiffany Cara, PT, DPT, PRPC (Virginia Beach, VA)

Tiffany Cara, PT, DPT, PRPC

As a doctor of physical therapy for over a decade, Dr. Cara is skilled at the evaluation and treatment of a variety of pelvic floor conditions including pelvic pain, prolapse, as well as bowel and bladder conditions. Regardless of the issue, Dr. Cara prefers to take a holistic approach in treating her clients. As such, she performs a comprehensive evaluation that includes an exam of the back and legs, dietary factors, posture and even breathing mechanics. This is important to her, as even slight shifts in these areas can tremendously help to decrease and even “fix” pelvic floor symptoms. Dr. Cara also works closely with urogynecologists, gastroenterologists and other physical therapists to help provide her clients with the best treatments for their conditions.

As part of her holistic approach, Dr. Cara takes the time to understand each client’s needs to develop an individualized program to address those needs. It is also important for her to ensure that her clients understand the reasons behind the various approaches, as this can positively affect patient-driven goals; sometimes even seemingly unrelated habits can affect bowel and bladder function.

It is also Dr. Cara’s passion to educate both individuals and the community-at-large in how to improve and maintain pelvic floor health. She has participated in a variety of outreach programs to further the public awareness of how to maintain and improve pelvic floor health.

Practice Information:

Sentara Therapy Center @ Princess Anne
1975 Glenn Mitchell Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
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fax: (757)301-7486
Sentara Therapy Center @ Lynnhaven
2728 Virginia Beach Boulevard
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