Kelsea Cannon, PT, DPT, PRPC (Seattle, WA)

Kelsea Cannon, PT, DPT, PRPCI developed a passion early on for adventure, human movement, teaching, meeting new people, and embracing large-scale outdoor endeavors. Originally from Iowa, physical therapy seemed like a good fit to fulfill my passions. After a few walk-a-bouts in the midwest and southern US, traveling physical therapy eventually led me to Alaska. While practicing in the Last Frontier, I began to embrace the combination of outpatient orthopedic care and pelvic health rehabilitation, as there always seemed to be a missing component to my orthopedic care as a physical therapist. Upon taking my first pelvic floor course with Herman & Wallace, I was hooked on pelvic health PT and the imperative need for this type of care to be offered.

Officially now in Seattle, my dedication lies in blending expertise in comprehensive orthopedic and pelvic health care. My approach balances a blend of hands-on manual therapy techniques as well as movement re-education and dynamic functional exercise, resulting in restoration of optimal movement patterns that honor each client’s independent needs. Working in a clinic that offers Pilates-based physical therapy has been both a joy and a gain for my personal and professional practice. My passion for teaching comes in the form of not only being a physical therapist and having one-on-one time with my patients but also in way of various community engagements as well as being a lab assistant for Herman & Wallace courses. I enjoy seeing clients across the lifespan, from all walks of life, who have both pelvic health and orthopedic concerns.

When not talking shop or traipsing outdoors in the mountains, I enjoy gardening, yoga, Pilates, traveling (all forms, near and far), remaining a book worm at heart, and of course visiting family/friends back home in the motherland of Iowa.


Practice Information:
Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy
(206) 535-7356