Jennifer Collard, PT, RYT200, PRYT, PRPC (Rochelle Park, NJ)

Jennifer Collard, PT, RYT200, PRYT, PRPC

Practice Information:
Total Health Associates

Waldwick, NJ, 07463

Jen is a Physical Therapist that evaluates and treats conditions of the Pelvic Floor and Whole Body for adults and teens of all genders. Her practice focus is to help people heal from whatever issue is interfering in their lives, movement, and well-being. These issues can vary from muscle, bone, or nerve in origin and specific pelvic floor issues such as pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, constipation, pre-natal/postpartum healing, and C-section recovery. She graduated from Northeastern University in 1996 and has been practicing Physical Therapy ever since. She received her pelvic floor training through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, APTA Pelvic Health, Pelvic Guru as well as multiple other organizations. As an “education enthusiast,” she attends as many professional and beyond courses as possible. She is an avid reader and podcast listener. Jen is a facilitator for healing, strengthening, and empowering people of all ages. She also is a Teacher's Assistant for Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. In addition to working as a Physical Therapist, she also completed Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT 200) in 2019, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification in 2019, and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for Trauma and Addiction (2021). She loves anatomy and has also had the pleasure of teaching the Anatomy and Physiology portion of Yoga Teacher Training at Juluka Yoga. Jen wholeheartedly believes that Movement is Life.

Besides working as a PT, Jen also offers group and private yoga classes and an online weekly Yoga Class for Pelvic Health, Education and Awareness Awareness. Classes are LIVE, online via Zoom. Some class recordings are also available. If you would like to join the class or request individual yoga, message her on her Facebook page: Jennifer Collard, PT, PRPC, RYT200 or @PelvicPTYogi. If you are interested in booking Physical Therapy sessions with Jen, contact Total Health Associates (see contact info).