Deepti Kalyankar , PT , MPT, PRPC , LSVT BIG, Garston Technique provider (Southfield, MI)

Deepti Kalyankar , PT , MPT, PRPC , LSVT BIG, Garston Technique provider

Practice Information:
Oakland Physical Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation

Southfield, MI

Deepti, is a pelvic floor clinical specialist and a co-owner of ‘Oakland Physical Therapy and Hand Rehab’, Oakland county Michigan. She earned a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University California in 2006 and specializes in Orthopedics and Women’s Pelvic Health therapy.

She is extremely passionate about treating patients and keeping updated with new techniques involved in patient care. Her 15 years of experience has been at Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic and in the past 5 years is involved in Pelvic Health therapy. Common conditions treated at our clinic include Pelvic Pain, Abdominal Pain, Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Interstitial Cystitis, Pudendal Nerve Neuralgia, Fecal Urinary, Pelvic Organ prolapse, Constipation, Pelvic Muscle weakness, Diastasis Recti, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Prenatal and Postnatal Care, Post-Surgical pain or Oncology Radiation Pain and Complications. Her availability will be at our Southfield, and Madison Heights, Michigan locations.

Deepti enjoys Yoga and traveling. She always looks forward to spending time with her family.

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