Alyssa Itzkowitz, PT, DPT, PCES, PRPC (Vernon, CT)

Alyssa Itzkowitz, PT, DPT, PCES, PRPC

Practice Information:
ECHN Rockville Hospital

31 Union Street
Vernon, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 872-5261

Alyssa Itzkowitz is a 2012 Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate from The University of Hartford. She is a certified pelvic floor physical therapist who earned her PRPC (Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certification) in November 2023. She practices at Rockville Hospital treating all genders, ages 15+, and started the pelvic floor program with her colleague and has made it her full-time job since February 2020 leaving the acute care/outpatient orthopedic world. Alyssa completed all of her training through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute between 2018-2019 and has continued to take a variety of continuing education to focus on the pregnant and postpartum population, bowel diagnoses, and most recently completed the visceral mobilization for the GI and urinary systems. Alyssa is a lead teaching assistant (TA) with Herman and Wallace and is honored to TA the Pelvic Function Series courses as well as the visceral mobilization for the GI and urinary systems throughout the northeast, NY and PA.

Alyssa focuses on 1:1 individualized care addressing diagnoses including pelvic pain, urinary dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, and pregnancy/postpartum conditions. She has a strong manual therapy background and utilizes a variety of techniques with all of her treatments on top of addressing her clients' functional and recreational goals.

Alyssa is passionate about the pelvic health field and acts as a clinical instructor for up to two Doctor of Physical Therapy students each year from surrounding colleges/universities; she is extremely proud that each student she's had with a pelvic health focus has opted to start their careers in the pelvic health world.

Instagram: @pelvicpt_alyssa