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Birth Prep for Pelvic Health Clients

Birth Prep for Pelvic Health Clients

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Pelvic health providers are perfectly positioned to guide pregnant and postpartum patients through their perinatal journey. If this is your target demographic of patient, consider this product that will help you step-by-step in providing a community birth class for expectant parents. Included will be a customizable presentation with various related topics to the pregnant and postpartum client. Handouts for clients, sample marketing graphics, and tips for advertising your class will help you prepare for this presentation. This product will make it incredibly easy for you to host a Birth Prep class for any audience.

PowerPoint presentation for providers to be able to host a class. Presentation topics include:

Sample marketing materials that can be customized - shared through HW Canva

    1. FB
    2. IG
    3. Reel

Sample handouts to be customized:

  1. Breathing Comfort Measures
  2. Birth Plan Partner Mupport

PowerPoint presentation covering birth class basics. Presentation topics include:

    1. Anatomy perineal prep
    2. Stages of labor
    3. Comfort measures
    4. Labor positions
    5. Pushing positions
    6. Postpartum care
    7. Body mechanics with baby care
    8. Pelvic rehabilitation
    9. Breastcare and other baby feeding topics

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