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Policy and Procedures Manual: The Female Pelvic Floor

Policy and Procedures Manual: The Female Pelvic Floor


This is a 200+page, downloadable manual, detailing how to perform common interventions for the female pelvic floor.

​Written by Fatima Hakeem, nationally known for her expertise in women's health practice start up and management, with over 40 years of experience as a practicing women's health therapist.

Why Should You Buy this?

First, the content is unparalleled and one of its kind. The document is fully referenced and footnoted and informed by Fatima’s years of successfully navigating oversight requirements of the Joint Commission.

Secondly, the APTA recommends all practices have “well written” policies and procedures Ref: APTA Standards of Practice, Section IIC In the potentially sensitive realm of Female Pelvic Health, written policies on how therapists make clinical decisions and implement treatment procedures becomes vital to mitigate medicolegal risk and facilitate a defined standard of care within the practice. (Ref: PT in Motion October 2010 pp 54 “Make it a Policy”)

Lastly, the manual also serves as orientation for onboarding new staff and a resource for all staff, giving a standard of care reference point for new clinicians, or clinicians facing challenging patient issues. The breadth and depth of topics covered means that your staff can reference the document for ideas for patient care, and you can be sure those ideas are validated and supported.

Content: Detailed procedures on evaluation, modalities, electrical stim, cold laser, perineal biofeedback, therapeutic exercise, and manual therapies for the pelvic floor.

Curious to know more? Curious to know more? Check out the Table of Contents here