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Thank you to author Serra Shelton, SPT for sharing her article with the Pelvic Rehab Report. You can find Serra's original article published on the Empower Physiotherapy website: You can learn about making your practice more inclusive and comprehensive in Brianna Durand's upcoming course, Inclusive Care for Gender and Sexual Minorities, scheduled for December 2-3, 2023.

I am a 2nd year physical therapy student about to start my clinical rotations, and I have been interested in pelvic floor PT since the beginning of my academic journey. However, since it is a somewhat niche specialty, my general coursework provided only 2 lectures on pelvic floor therapy in the entire program. Despite seeking out exposure to pelvic floor education in other ways, such as taking a courses with the Herman & Wallace Institute and a pelvic health elective at the University of Washington, I wanted to learn more than the brief glimpse I had seen so far—and that is how I found myself creating an independent study course with Dr. Brianna Durand, an LGBTQIA+ pelvic floor/outpatient orthopedic physical therapist. Let me give you a sense of what this experience was like.

It was the first day of my independent study in which I would shadow Brianna as she practiced.

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