Nancy Cullinane, PT, MHS, WCS graduated from the Mayo Clinic’s physical therapy program in 1989 and worked in a variety of settings before discovering that women’s health/urogyn PT was her passion.  She earned a MHS in orthopedic PT from the University of Indianapolis and then completed a formal mentorship with Herman & Wallace cofounder Kathe Wallace, PT in 1992.  Nancy opened and ran a private practice in Juneau, AK and relocated to Bellingham, WA in 2005.  She helped to develop the Women’s Health program at United General Hospital, focusing in bowel/bladder dysfunctions, pelvic pain, spine and osteoporosis.  Nancy completed the NAIOMT level II program and obtained a WCS in 2015.   Nancy is a long-time SOWH member and a lab assistant & blog contributor with Herman & Wallace.  She is currently employed at Northwest Physical Therapy in Burlington, WA.

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Dr. Susane (Susie) Mukdad is the founder of Healing Hands Physical Therapy, Inc. In 2010, she received her Doctor in Physical Therapy from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL graduating top 3 of her class peers. Since then, she has extensively focused her career’s passion to specialize in Pelvic Rehabilitation and Visceral Manipulation. In 2014, Dr. Susie successfully earned the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.


Dr. Susie uses a unique, individualized approach to treating her patients. She believes in an Integrated Systems Model approach using advanced manual therapy techniques that address the articular, neural, visceral, and myofascial systems. She is also passionate about teaching her patients about the importance of nutrition and diet to optimize their health and wellness potential. She is a firm believer that with the right tools and approach, the body can heal itself.


Dr. Susie is a devoted and life-long learner who spends one-on-one time educating her patients about their health. She listens to her patients and collaborates with them to determine the root cause of their symptoms. Dr. Susie extensively trains under the Barral Institute Curriculum to keep her skills up-to-date with the most recent advances in manual therapy. In 2014, she was accepted as a Qualified Barral Institute Teaching Assistant where she can continue to share her love and passion for teaching visceral manipulation.

In addition, Dr. Susie partakes in monthly Functional Medicine Forum meetings where she joins together with other integrative and holistic practitioners to learn about the latest health news and functional medicine research.


Her areas of expertise include digestive disorders, women’s health, men’s health, pediatric voiding dysfunctions, chronic pain, nutrition and wellness coaching.


When she is not caring for her patients, Dr. Susie loves spending time with her husband, Luke, and two dogs, Landon and Sammy. They enjoy traveling, biking, hiking, cooking, and most importantly living life to the fullest!

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