New Product Ideas for Your Consideration!

This summer, Herman & Wallace began creating products with a new process that we call ?Pre-Funding?.? We want to produce products only if they are useful to therapists, and who better to tell us than you, the pelvic rehab therapist.? The idea behind Pre-Funding is simple: we create an idea for a product (called a Product-Concept offer it for a trial period at a discounted price, and if enough people pre-fund the concept, we proceed with building the product.? This gives us an opportunity to get critical feedback from therapists before the product is developed, thereby allowing us to generate a higher quality product before we send it out. So far, this program has been a big hit!

Every product from our last round of pre-funding was fully funded and built.? This would not have been possible without the participation of therapists who pre-funded.? The feedback was invaluable, enabling us to generate better, more useful products.? We hope to receive the same comments on our future product concepts!

This week we released a new group of product concepts.? The Male Kegel is a tool to help PTs educate male patients about the pelvic floor muscles and how to exercise them.? Self-Stretching the Pelvic Floor illustrates appropriate stretches for different types of pelvic floor dysfunction.? Pregnancy After 30 examines how pregnancy differs for women over thirty, as well as describing the special considerations for over-thirty moms-to-be.? Our Advanced Breathing Techniques product concept is another resource to help therapists teach patients about the respiratory system and different breathing techniques.

The trial period only lasts thirty days, at which time the pre-fund discount will expire.? Please check out our Products Page before time runs out!

On "Heal Pelvic Pain," by Amy Stein
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