Promoting Your Practice and Social Media

For PTs growing or beginning their private practices, treating patients can be the easy part. Because we went to PT school to learn to help patients, not become business men and women, the business side of things is often much more difficult.  For therapists trying to promote their practices, using social media can be an effective and free tool for promoting oneself as a clinician.

Advance Healthcare  recently published an excellent article on physical therapy and social media, titled “PTs Going Social.”  The article touches on many of the benefits of utilizing social media as a method to generate referrals for one’s private practice.

The assumption is that social media can change how businesses advertise and remain relevant in today’s market.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest offer users the chance to quickly and easily generate content and post it on the web.  However, effectively generating content to best promote one’s practice online is no mean feat.

With over a billion active users, Facebook has become the figure-head of the social media.   Websites like Facebook offer great marketing opportunities.  They’re easy to use.  In about a minute, one can go from clicking “Sign Up” to creating content to promote his/her practice for free.  Seems perfect right?

The truth is much more complicated than that.  Generating and tailoring content on the web often takes the back seat when there are demanding patients and bills to pay.  Simply put, with everything else going on at one’s practice, it’s easy to see why grappling with a new marketing tool takes a backseat.

However, for PTs who do take the time to become familiar with and utilize social media, it can reap huge rewards.  Posting videos of exercises to Facebook or re-tweeting a relevant comment made by a colleague on Twitter build’s one presence within the community.  With each share and post comes potential referrals.  Although a post might not land one a new client on its own, it can certainly help build those relationships. Or as Ian Manning puts it in the article, “it’s the first step towards making the call.”

Furthermore, participating in this community is a “two-way street…[F]ollowing other physical therapists on Facebook” is an easy, effective way to have news, clinical knowledge, and information come right to your Facebook page.

In order to help the therapist navigate the many avenues for marketing, Herman & Wallace recently developed a product for Marketing Your Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor practice. This presentation will equip you to build your referral business and appropriately harness new marketing tools.

Herman & Wallace also offers an online course, through Medbridge, titled, Physical Therapy Marketing with Passion!  This course is taught by H&W instructors, Brandi Kirk, PT, BCB-PMD and Teri Elliott-Burke, PT, MHS, BCB-PMD.  Try it today!

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