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Upcoming Conversations in Pelvic Rehab

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Price: $100
Experience Level: Beginner
Contact Hours: 3

Some cis-women express concerns about treating cis-men with pelvic dysfunction in a private (closed-door) clinical setting. These concerns range from not feeling comfortable discussing sensitive topics such as sexual function to feeling unsafe from potential personal harm. If we as a profession ignore this issue, we may continue to face a lack of available providers willing to work with cis-men due to the pelvic health field being largely populated by women. Men who come into clinics in which there is discomfort in the therapeutic relationship may also experience harm in several ways. Feeling denied comprehensive care, or being incorrectly accused of being inappropriate are examples of such harm. It is the goal of this class to create an environment in which we can subjectively and objectively address these issues. Join Holly Tanner and Leticia Nieto for an open dialogue about these topics in an upcoming course. Holly Tanner brings more than two decades of care to men with pelvic dysfunction as well as instruction to many therapists in coursework in which these topics come to light. Leticia Nieto is an educator and author with a Psy.D in psychology who lectures on topics of oppression, social justice, and cultural studies. Her book, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone.

Note: this event is not a traditional format CEU course. There is no course manual or post-test. This event is a conversation with experts about a topic that is important to the growth of pelvic rehabilitation.

Required Reading: Understanding Oppression: Strategies in Addressing Power and Privilege by Leticia Nieto and Margot Boyer