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COVID19 Protocols for all In-Person and Satellite Courses

Due to the ongoing safety threats of COVID19, H&W is taking the following precautions to provide a safe learning environment for our participants, faculty, site and satellite hosts, and lab technicians. 

  1. Masks will be required at all times during the course. Participants will be asked to bring their own. Failure to comply with wearing a mask at the course will result in the participant being asked to leave. No refunds will be given or credit honored for those who refuse to comply with our mask requirement. 
  2. We have capped capacity at our in-person courses at 50% or less in all locations. For most in-person courses, this typically means groups of 20 will be meeting with one instructor, rather than a group of 40 with two instructors. All room capacity allowances will be dictated by the six feet or more rule for social distancing.
  3. Extra hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the room.
  4. Some locations, depending on state and local regulations, will be performing additional checks at the door, including temperature checks. 
  5. It is expected that participants will only register for satellites in which they are within driving distance, and adhere to all state and local COVID guidelines, including wearing a mask at all times during the course. 
  6. Participants will bring their own lunch and snacks to the course. Hosts will no longer provide buffet-style snacks, but may provide individually packaged snacks like granola bars, and bottled water.
  7. Whenever possible, participants will be urged to go outside during breaks for fresh air.
  8. Three day Pelvic Floor Series courses have been reformatted to include roughly 8 hours of pre-recorded lecture prior to meeting in-person for lab and lecture that takes place in groups. This format allows what we believe is an improved learning experience (the ability to view and review concepts prior to meeting for lab time) as well as limits the time we spend in person. More information on the hybrid format can be foud at this link
  9. When possible, a number of our courses which do not necessitate in person labs have been converted into fully remote options which can be taken on Zoom. A list of all remote courses can be found at this link


We are relying on our participants to do the right thing to keep your colleagues safe. DO NOT attend an in-person course if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or have symptoms. We are a closely-knit community and we are counting on you to do the right thing for your fellow members of that community.