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Nicole L. Dugan, PT, DPT, MSOD, CLT-LANA, WC

Nicole Dugan

Nicole L. Dugan, PT, DPT, MSOD, CLT-LANA, WCS graduated from Temple University’s MPT and DPT program in 1997 and 2003, respectively. At the onset of her career, she obtained clinical specialty and is now a board certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist through the APTA and Certified Lymphedema Therapist through Lymphedema Association of North America. She spent 18 years working at Penn Medicine / Good Shepherd Penn Partners developing and mentoring in both the Pelvic Floor and Lymphedema rehabilitation program. While there, she oversaw the development and accreditation from the APTA for Women’s Health Residency Program. Nicole’s clinical specialties have allowed her opportunity to participate in multiple NIH funded multi-center research studies and publications. In 2015 Nicole joined Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia to focus on developing the Pelvic Rehabilitation program. With a focus on functional manual therapy, her clinical practice focuses on treating all genders for pelvic dysfunction, pregnancy/ postpartum/ bowel/ bladder and sexual dysfunction.

Nicole is dedicated to the multidisciplinary approach to managing patients with pelvic dysfunction. She is adjunct faculty at many academic programs including multiple Doctor of Physical Therapy programs, Jefferson Medical College, and Nursing school. She has been an invited speaker at international conferences on lymphedema management and pelvic rehabilitation. She provides pelvic rehabilitation services in Jamaica, WI through Medicine In Action medical mission. She is the co-founder of the Philadelphia Regional Pelvic PT Alliance which is a multidisciplinary organization focused on providing education and networking opportunities for Pelvic Therapists. When Niki is not working she enjoys travel, golf, and spending time with her husband and daughter.