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Practitioner Manuals and Resources

Prolapse/Colorectal Care, 1st Edition

This product will save you hours of writing and developing your own evaluation and treatment programs. The 1st Edition manual provides a comprehensive ...


Orthopedic Considerations for Sexual Activity

This handout was developed for the patient who has questions about the impact of their physical disability or muscle impairment on their sexual ...


Urinary Incontinence Manual, 3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition manual provides a comprehensive tool for the practitioner using behavioral treatment for adult urinary incontinence. Contains 43 ...


Pediatric Pelvic Floor Manual, 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition 2005 manual contains 28 handouts totaling 47 pages. It was developed to aid practitioners in the treatment of pediatric dysfunctional ...


Core PT Pelvic Floor Mapping Tool

This product was developed by H&W faculty member, Elizabeth Hampton, this mapping tool is an invaluable addition to your evaluations providing easy to ...


Pelvic Floor Cash Practice Kit

This cash practice kit was designed for physical therapists who receive referrals from urology, gynecology and colorectal practices. This kit is a ...


Empowerment in Eight Weeks DVD

This patient education DVD contains two hours of step-by-step instructions on an exercise program to overcome urinary incontinence in eight weeks


Pelvic Floor Exercises for Lumbopelvic Stability

These 11 exercise handouts are developed to teach patients the role of the pelvic floor muscle strength for low back, sacroiliac dysfunction and post ...


Pregnancy and Your Pelvic Floor

This one-hour educational class (target audience is patients and their families) for pelvic physical therapists to help promote their pre-natal ...