Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsor Opportunities

Sponsor Opportunities

Herman & Wallace has three different options available for prospective vendors and sponsors, and we would love to have you on board!


The contribution of our generous corporate sponsors is vital to the success of our pelvic practitioner conference, HWConnect. Thanks to sponsor support, Herman & Wallace can continue to develop interdisciplinary programs and conferences of great value to pelvic health practitioners. We extend our gratitude to all forward-thinking sponsors who have chosen to sponsor HWConnect.

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As a sponsor, you will have access to exhibit space, along with additional options that are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on your sponsorship level. Those who do not wish to sponsor can still reserve exhibit space separately.

Sponsor Collage

Your sponsorship package also includes the opportunity to have your company's logo featured in various conference promotional materials. To fully utilize this benefit, we ask that you send us your logo via email in a vector-based, PNG, or JPG format. The use of sponsor logos in conference materials will be determined based on the timely submission of sponsorship applications and funds. Thank you for considering sponsorship with HWConnect.


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Pelvic Function Modalities

In 2024, Herman and Wallace launched an in-person, hands-on lab course with Instructors and teaching assistants on site that features pelvic health modalities - Modalities and Pelvic Function: The Pelvic Health Toolkit. The success of this course relies on the generosity of companies who provide products and samples for the different lab stations where participants to test and get first-hand experience.

PFMOD Sponsor

This modalities course is designed to provide pelvic health practitioners the opportunity to learn about and get experience with all of the available products for pelvic health in areas such as bowel, bladder, and sexual function. This course provides pelvic health specialists the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience that they can then utilize with their pelvic floor clients.

Modalities and Pelvic Function Vendor Collaboration Form
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PFMOD Topics

Pelvic health providers find great value in your products and Herman & Wallace would be proud to have your product represented in our class including a description and photos of your product(s). Collaboration options for this course include:

  • Provide us with your branded photos with written permission for these to be utilized in our class presentation.
  • Provide samples of your product to be shown during class
  • Provide samples/giveaways to give to participants in the class
  • Provide us with a coupon code so participants can purchase your product


2025 Advertising Package

While advertising is locked for 2024 on the main Herman & Wallace website and manuals, you can get a jump on the 2025 Advertising Package.

An advertisement in our course manuals, which are distributed to participants at each course event, is an excellent way to reach the therapists who will be making purchases for their clinical practices and recommending products to patients and colleagues. Our customers are either actively licensed medical practitioners or students who will be graduating within one year of attending a course.

2025 Advertising Package Form
Complete the above Advertising Package Form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Grow Your Business with Us

In 2023, Herman & Wallace had over 9,000 registrants in our courses! Now that courses are more accessible than ever and the number of participants is expected to increase in 2025. Regardless of the format, each attendee at a Herman & Wallace course will receive a course manual in .PDF format and has the option of printing the manual for their course. All manuals, including ads, are provided in color.