August PRPC Practitioner Feature - Mahmoud Shalaby

August PRPC Practitioner Feature - Mahmoud Shalaby
Mahmoud Shalaby PT PRPC

The following is our interview with Mahmoud Shalaby, PT, MS, DPT, PRPC. Mahmoud recently passed the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC) exam. He practices at PT of The City in Brooklyn, NY, and is a Teaching Assistant for local New York satellite courses with H&W. Mahmoud was kind enough to share some thoughts about his career with us. Thank you, Mahmoud - and congratulations on receiving your PRPC!

In 2016, I was offered the chance to shadow a senior PT who specialized in pelvic rehab. This specialty was mysterious for me. I didn't think that there was much we could offer to patients with pelvic issues like incontinence, prolapse, IC, and such until I started to treat them. Once I commenced learning more, it never ends.

There is always more to discover and I've always been impressed with the role of physical therapists in assessing and treating pelvic issues. I continue to be very excited to learn more and to develop my experience while further participating in studies to improve my skills and tools in improving people's quality of life.

Herman & Wallace institute has always been my partner in success, they knew how to get me on the track and impressively integrate all resources across body systems to make me confident and skillful to help patients.

When I`ve attended the courses at Herman & Wallace, I have looked at their great Pelvic Rehab certification and immediately I`ve decided to become a certified pelvic rehab specialist for many reasons. To begin with, we must keep high standards to provide such a specific skilled service, in addition to improving my skills, knowledge, and quality to help patients. There are a lot of people suffering from those issues, they either do not know how to address those issues or they do not know where to go.

In particular cultures and religions, the gender of the doctor matters, especially when it comes to sensitive topics, and I am proud to be among the two or three male certified pelvic rehab specialists across the country and I am always happy to get the patients comfortable and confident to be able to address their issues and help them reach their goals.

Working as a teaching assistant at Herman & Wallace is a great opportunity to learn more and explore how newbie therapists think, and help them to see the great skills and tools at this specialty.

As pelvic rehab specialists, we have a great responsibility to raise awareness and educate the community and let them know that we are here for them.


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