Tell HW What Resources YOU Need for your Practice!

Tell HW What Resources YOU Need for your Practice!

Blog PREFUND 5.22.24

Herman & Wallace offers a number of downloadable products on our website for your clinical practice, and we want to put you in charge of deciding which new products we create and offer!

What is a Prefund?
The HW philosophy is that we should only be making products that are useful to our practitioners. In our efforts to create the most valuable products and keep the price as low as possible, we have launched a new Prefund product development program.

Need more information? Check out the Prefund FAQs.

Here is how it works:

  1. Herman & Wallace creates a product concept, a description of the product and its contents, without fully creating the product.
  2. The product concept can be found on the HW Product Page as a “Prefund” product for a limited period of 7 days. In this case, the products will be available from May 22, 2024 until midnight on May 28, 2024.
    •  All product concepts include:
      • A description of the product
      • Product content list: patient forms, PowerPoint files, handouts, mapping tools, etc
      • Standard retail price of the product once it is launched
      • Prefund retail price of the product - which is 40% lower than the retail price
  3. Practitioners who would like to buy the product can prefund the product concept at a 40% discount on the standard retail price in exchange for receiving the product upon Herman & Wallace completing its development.
  4. If you see a product you'd like to purchase, then prefund it! If the product gets enough pre-funders, then HW will develop the product.
  5. Once the product is developed, we'll email your product to you.

There is NO RISK!
Prefunding a product carries NO RISK. If the product does not receive enough prefunding by the end of the trial period, Herman & Wallace will refund 100% of the amount contributed by each prefunder.

Product concepts to choose from:
Prefund and Downloadable Products are available on the HW Product Page.

    • Inclusivity for Beginners
        • Pricing: Prefund $45, Standard $75
        • This product includes tips and pearls of wisdom to enhance your understanding of diversity, equality, and inclusivity as well as tools like up-to-date terminology and definitions to help practitioners create a safe and welcoming environment for clients.
    • Birth Prep for Pelvic Health Clients
        • Pricing: Prefund $90, Standard $150
        • This product will make it incredibly easy for you to host a Birth Prep class for any audience.
    • Trauma Informed Care Checklist
        • Pricing: Prefund $45, Standard $75
        • This product will help you review the concepts of trauma-informed care and check in with yourself and the practices of your workplace. It will then provide guidelines and tips to provide the best possible trauma-informed care to your clients.
    • Hosting a Pelvic Floor Student
        • Pricing: Prefund $60, Standard $100
        • This is the perfect document to help prepare any clinician for a pelvic health student.
    • Quick Reference Treatment Checklists
        • Pricing: Prefund $45, Standard $75
        • These quick informative checklists include topics like constipation, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, hemorrhoid management, and painful insertion.

Carpe Diem
By prefunding a product, you are helping guide what resources HW creates. This keeps prices lower on all products by assuring we don’t spend resources creating products that our audience does not value. If a prefund concept does not get funded, you get a 100% refund. If it does meet the minimum, you will receive the product concept you prefunded at a significant discount!

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